Thursday, September 25, 2014

Happy Wife, Happy Life

Ever since we moved here,
whenever someone asks us what brought us to Utah,
Frank responds with "happy wife, happy life"
which always gets a good chuckle.

Yesterday someone asked us again
and for the first time, Frank didn't respond in his usual way
and just said "family"
to which the other person responded
"happy wife, happy life"


But seriously,
the main reason we are here
(besides the fact that God wants us here)
is for family.
My Mom and Dad are here.
They aren't getting any younger!
and I haven't lived near them for nearly 30 years.

I have kids here.
I have siblings here.
I have cousins here.
I have aunts and uncles here.
I have grandkids here.
I have nieces and nephews here.

And I love family.

I am one of those people that could go to every family reunion
and every family activity
and never tire of it.

Today was the first day of what I hope will be a weekly event.
Lunch with my Mom and Dad.

They chose to have this first lunch at their house
and my Dad cooked it all.

They used their best china
and set a gorgeous table outside.

It was SO wonderful.
I loved it.

I'm so happy to be close to family.

If the saying is true
then Frank should be feeling pretty good about being here.
Happy Wife, Happy Life.


  1. Alive parents - happy daughter! You are SO lucky to have your parents so close, I am envious. Treasure every day with them.

  2. I wish I had appreciated my time near family more. It's hard to be far away! I even have a sister just 2 hours away but it still feels like I'm missing everything. I'm so glad for you that you get to be close now. You deserve it! Love your parents set-up outside, so nice.

  3. Your parents look wonderful! Please give them our regards.