Friday, September 26, 2014

Let's talk about peaches!

I think I may have eaten more peaches this summer
since moving to Utah
than all my other summers combined!

I never had a good source for delicious peaches before.

There was the grocery store.
Hit or miss as far as peaches go.
You might get a delicious one or you might get one that's kind of mushy and grainy.
I hate a grainy peach!
Such a let down.

They are huge and kind of expensive.
Usually tasty.
It always felt like a splurge to buy that box of ginormous peaches.

I imagine there were farm stands around but I never took advantage.

But here in my new home I have an amazing farm stand
less than a mile away.
And I pass it regularly on my way to the stores I go to
and also on the way to take Carter to work.

I got into the habit of stopping there pretty much every time I passed.
So several times a week, usually.

The peaches are amazing!

I never ever got a bad one.

My sister mentioned that she usually cans peaches every September
and I was seriously excited!
I asked her to let me know when she did it so I could do it too.
Sadly, she said that she still had some left from last year and didn't plan to do it this year.
Say it isn't so!
Luckily, she is a very nice sister and agreed to help me can some even though she didn't need any herself.

So I bought two boxes of peaches.
And we canned them in my sister's backyard.

I love canning with someone who knows what they are doing.
Really knows.
I can do it on my own but I feel like I'm faking it...
and I've always got the iPad out on the counter so I can refer to it.
I'm so thankful for smart people who are willing to put their knowledge on the web for me to use.
but its so much nicer to work next to someone knowledgeable!

After we canned these peaches I started feeling anxious.
The peaches were going away soon
and I didn't have that many stashed away for the winter...


And I spent a couple of days
freezing them.
eating them.

I think I may have overdone it to be honest.
(the eating part)

But I now have lots of peaches in my freezer.
I froze them whole

I froze bags of them cut up.

I'm ready for some fall cobbler.
Ice cream with peaches on top.
I don't even know what else!

I can't believe peach season is over.
There's 5 sitting on my counter...
and they are the last 5 fresh ones I will have for 2014.

Mmmmm peaches.


  1. that insane amount of peaches. Seriously. But I kind of wish I had done that same thing! Our Bountiful Baskets had boxes of peaches from Utah 2 weeks ago and I didn't order them because I don't have the stuff to can them, but I didn't even think of freezing them. Cut up like that you could use them in smoothies and cobblers all year long! Jealous.

    1. I hope it turns out to be too many peaches! Right now it feels like not enough. :-)