Tuesday, April 15, 2014


My free spirit,
my adventure seeker,
the kid who has given me a lot of grief over the years...
and who is also
very fun,
very funny,
a joy to be around most of the time,
a lover of music,
and quite talented (though he doesn't seem to realize it)

left today to go live in Chicago.

He asked me if I would drive him to the airport
at 5:30 this morning.

Of course I said Yes.

Yesterday as we were running errands together he said,"Its my last day here so you know you want to drive me around and do whatever I say"
I said "of course!"

We get along really well and usually have fun together.

I arrived at his friend's house to pick him up
and the house is completely and utterly dark.
I can tell that everyone is asleep!

So I text him.
I call him.
I call him.
I call him.
I call him.
I call him.
(you get the idea)

I knock loudly on the door.
I ring the doorbell.
multiple times

These people have dogs.
Why aren't they barking?

I finally go on the internet on my phone and find the phone number for the mother of the family.
Luckily she has a business so her number is easy to find.
But I'm hoping its her cell and that she keeps it near her bed.

It rings but goes to voicemail.

I'm beyond frustrated and don't know what to do.
It crosses my mind to try the door
but I do not know these people that well
and just walking into their house while they are sleeping seems like a bad idea.
I could get shot!
Or eaten by a dog!

So I call him.
I call him.
I call him.
(add about 20 more of those in your mind)

I call the mother again.
and she picks up!
Poor woman is completely asleep.

I apologize and tell her I can't seem to wake my son up.
She finds him and hands him her phone.

I say, "I'm here and you were supposed to be out here over 20 minutes ago"
He responds,"Why didn't you just come inside?"

I don't even know which freaking bedroom he's in!
Good idea, I'll just wander aimlessly through a stranger's house!

I'm so annoyed.

We hastily load his stuff and head to the airport.
(Including old library books he wants me to return
and boxes I'm supposed to mail)

he's cranky
(not enough sleep)
and instead of being apologetic and/or thankful
he's just cranky

I want to lecture him.
I want to yell at him.
I'm cranky too!

I am wise
I am silent.

and after a few minutes of driving
he is calm
and I am no longer annoyed.
It is just a pleasant drive through a bit more traffic than we would have had 30 minutes earlier.

He arrived in time
we were not mad at each other.
He even let me take his picture.

I made him promise to visit me
even though I'm moving to Utah
and text me
even though I'm his mom, not a fun friend
and he walked into the airport.

My last morning with my son -for who knows how long- was pleasant.

Occasionally, I am wise.


  1. I hope I'm wise some day. Right now I just want to knock my kids around most days. Chicago is cold, I hope he doesn't have the same plan he had for California. :)

    1. Different plan! involves a roof and doors and a kitchen and everything!

  2. Debbie, this was so beautiful. I hope he finds his dream in Chicago. It is a difficult thing to see your child move away.