Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Homemaker of the year!

Can we talk about my faults?
I'll feel better if I do.

I consider myself to be a fairly neat, organized and tidy kind of person.
I mean, I'll never end up on an episode of "Hoarders, Buried Alive"
But I'm not a great housekeeper
only just adequate.

And, honestly, when Frank's out of town
I'm much worse!

But overall, on most days, I could have someone over with short notice and not be mortified.

But there is one thing I am terrible at.
Really terrible.


I have always hated dusting.
Whenever my mom would ask me to dust on Saturday morning
(cleaning day)
I was always bummed out.
I'd much rather do just about any other job than dusting.

It is still true.

It feels like something that just never ever is finished.
I know that's true for all housework
but it feels more true for dusting!

Laundry-you get to wear the clothes
Bathrooms-who doesn't love a clean bathroom or mirror?
Vacuuming-those lines in the carpet just make me happy
Dishes-clean stuff sitting in the cupboard ready for use!

Dusting-you get a surface that you may or may not ever notice that is, for a minute, free of dust.
But I swear, it's only a minute!
The stuff settles right back down where it was
(and I don't care what dusting method I used)
It's just in the air!

Here is a little peak at my problem
I'm sorry to gross you out, but really, it'll help you.

You'll either look around your house and see that you have a problem too
(and knowing is the first step they say)
or you'll feel better about yourself because you are a better housekeeper than I am.

You're welcome

If you aren't grossed out by these pictures
then you really have a problem
and I cannot help you.
Dusting is not my thing!

TV cabinet
(black furniture is a bane!)

Hey, this one doesn't look that bad in the picture!
I'll take it

I need an intervention.
or a maid

It's the black furniture, isn't it?
Not me


  1. Maid. I hate dusting too. Allergies. Haachooo. That's my excuse. :)

  2. Black furniture always looks worse, so annoying. I like dusting though, such immediate results! Although it is very annoying that it's dusty again an hour later.