Friday, April 4, 2014

Happy Re-birthday!

On this date, two years ago
April 4, 2012
my husband got the best gift ever.

The gift of the opportunity to live.

An anonymous donor gave his bone marrow.
So that my husband could have a fighting chance against Leukemia.

This man signed up for the registry
And when the call came to say he was a match
He said YES

That was an amazing gift 
and our whole family was happy to receive it.

It didn't feel like a "big day" to Frank, just another step in his treatment. So I added the "not so" to his sign.
I'm a little sarcastic at times!
But levity is helpful when at the hospital for months at a time...

Frank resting while receiving his new bone marrow cells

There they are! The little life savers.

today is Frank's 
second birthday?

I don't have a word for it
except that it is a day to celebrate!

My most recent picture of Frank...with his award from work

-This morning he asked if he was getting gifts and a cake-


  1. It's a transfusion like that? How anticlimactic. Seems like It should be a big surgery or something. :) No, on second that, that's way better. I'm so glad somebody signed up and actually donated. How amazing.

    1. It is a little bit anti-climactic, honestly. Haha but it's good for the person receiving! :-) that's why frank kept saying it was not a big day to him. Funny!
      Feel free to sign up for the registry...the link is in my blog. Except maybe you can't with all your weird blood stuff. Forgot about that. Ok, just tell your friends!