Thursday, April 3, 2014

I am not complaining!

I'm about to tell you a funny story
and it might sound like I'm complaining at certain points
but I promise
I'm not!

Anyone who knows my husband at all knows that he loves...
no, needs,
tropical vacations
It is what keeps him going...the knowledge that he gets to be in the sun at some point. 
He prefers one every year.
But hasn't always gotten one.


-I have mentioned this before-

I don't need this like he does.
I'm more of a "visit the family" kind of gal.
But, of course, I do enjoy a good vacation.
I'm not complaining.

Over the years we've gone on a few of these vacations.
We've gone to Puerto Rico
(some were work trips so that was handy)
Turks and Caicos
and Mexico...
Mostly Cancun

We haven't ever gone to some of the more exotic tropical islands.

All he really needs is sun and beach
so we usually go with whatever is cheapest
or wherever he needs to go for work
(I like those kind the best)

Ever since his cancer diagnosis
he is a little more adamant about going on a vacation.

So with all this in mind...

We booked a vacation back in the fall, I think,
to go to Cancun during spring break.

Our hotel is not in the party zone, if you are wondering.

Carter will be on a school trip so it was the perfect opportunity.
(disclaimer: someone will be watching my house, so bad guys just stay away)

On Wednesday
(April 2)
There was a big award ceremony at Frank's work.
And he won two separate awards!

One of these awards 
includes an invitation to a company retreat.
We have never been invited to this retreat before
and it has been in some really amazing locations in past years.

2013-Cancer Survivor Celebration Trip-Cancun

This year
It is in....Cancun!

The other fun fact is that it is taking place the week after our spring break.

We will come home from our vacation
See Carter and find out how his school trip went
do laundry
and fly back to Cancun!

The one downside for me is that I had already booked a trip to Utah for this exact time.
I was going to go to Women's Conference at BYU
which I've always wanted to attend.
And I'll admit, I was hoping Amber might go into labor while I was there
so I could get a little peek at the new grand baby too.

But since this is an award
*from work*
it is pretty important that we attend the retreat.
So we are.

I cancelled my Utah trip

But since I'm moving there soon
I don't feel too bad about it.
(when I booked the trip, we had no ideas or plans to move to Utah. haa! How quickly things change)

And I am going to Cancun for a total of 11 days...
Trust me
I am not complaining!

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