Saturday, April 26, 2014

Thoughts on New England

As I feel my time here slipping away
I find myself doing a lot of reminiscing
and a lot of appreciating.

I have really loved my time here in New England.

When we first moved here
my children were very unhappy
and so
I was very unhappy.

I remember a friend from church saying something along the lines of
"I feel sorry for people who can't live in New England"

I was thinking

long, cold winters
flying bugs that bite you in the summer

I didn't see it.

But after nearly 10 years living here, I realize
I see it now.

The trees
The way the snow piles up and looks so gorgeous
wild turkeys wandering around
the geese overhead
the ponds and lakes everywhere
I love them both frozen and unfrozen
the history
the pride
the people
-I really love the people-
and I'm going to shock  few people here:
I like the way people here drive.
assertive but with manners.
the beach is close
the mountains (ok hills) are close
and let's just talk about the amazing health care available
You know that one means a lot to me

I will miss so many things about New England.

With no family nearby its hard to imagine when I will be back to visit.
But maybe...

Frank will have to come back for work
and Carter will certainly be open to it
so maybe I'll be back.

I really really loved living here.
in my heart, I am an Easterner
I am A New Englander
and I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't get a chance to live here.

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  1. I would live there in a heartbeat. The history and the access to everything are just amazing. I feel sorry for myself for not living there. That would be a hard move--away from such a great place. But at least you're going to something you know will be great, right?