Thursday, January 30, 2014


Today has been a day of frustration.
Total frustration.

It started out when I woke up and my heater wasn't working
I texted my husband who is, of course, at the airport about to go on a business trip.
He misses out on all the fun.

I knew what to do but I was annoyed to be doing it, especially at 5:30 AM
I got it going pretty quickly
so I shouldn't whine about it but...too late.

Then I spent nearly an hour
trying to open a jar of Ponds Cold Cream.
Yes, an hour.
Now, I'm not the strongest gal on the planet but I'm not a weakling either.
I could not get this jar open.
I tried everything.
Everything you would normally do to try to open a stubborn jar was done.
I finally gave it to my son thinking that somehow it must be something I'm doing wrong.
I have never experienced a jar this unwilling to be opened.
He couldn't open it either.

Now Ponds Cold Cream is, in my mind, the stuff old ladies use.
I'm having some skin issues and I figure I'll try something tried and true.
But how the heck any old lady opens this jar is beyond me!

So I started using tools.
I tried to pry the lid off rather than twisting
I tried scissors on the edge of the cap
I banged it on the counter
I finally threw it angrily on the floor hoping it would simply burst open
No dice.
After all of this, Austin gave it another try
and this time it opened.

I put some on my face.
And my face started to burn.

Austin recently got a new job that requires him to get a drug test.
So next on the agenda was running him to the lab for that.
I figured while we were out I'd get a couple of errands done before I had to get Carter from school.

Austin forgot the paper that told hime exactly where the lab was.
But he knew approximately where it was.
So going off of the name on the lab slip we googled and drove to the address we found.
It was not a lab.
So after a fair amount of talking and surfing on phones, I convinced him to call his place of employment and ask them the address.
He was given an address in a totally different town!
20 minutes away!
So we drove there.
I'm annoyed and we are leaving the area where my errands are but
I'm such a nice mom
I do it anyway.
*pat pat pat* myself on the back
We arrive at the lab and they are closed for lunch.
We got to get some pizza while we wait
It was not delicious.

We come back to the lab and he is told that his lab slip is not for this lab at all.
He has to go somewhere else.
By this time, its time to get Carter from school
So we swing by the house and get the bleepity-bleep paper that he forgot this morning.
We get Carter
He's coming with us darn it all and I don't care that he's tired from school and wants a snack!
We drive all the way back up to the town we originally drove to 
(30 minutes)
and we find the lab and they do his test.

And if he fails it, he is a dead man.

In a couple of hours I get to take Carter to play in the band at a Hockey game.
he swears he has the correct address...

I have a headache.
And, no, I'm not making dinner.

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  1. I would kill my kid! Stuff like that makes me sooo mad.