Friday, January 10, 2014

Forty Seven

I really liked that I was able to look back to last year and see exactly what I did on my birthday.
Because if I try to just remember, I don't have a clue.
So, even though it wasn't a particularly exciting day, here is what I did today:

Woke up at 7:30 to get ready for Church
Carter and I head out to church at 8:30 while Frank stays in bed with a bad cold.
That man is germy!
Fast and Testimony meeting today.
I told Carter that he could go up and bear his testimony for my gift.
he said he'd rather make me another cherry pie.
So, we'll see if I get one or not.
Sunday school was a great lesson on Moses Chapter 1 by Bill Greenhouse.
In YW I got a small bag of candy and the girls all sang to me.
Another good lesson by Lori Forsyth.
Came home and Frank had cleaned a bit and was working in the kitchen to make my birthday lunch.
We had fried chicken, homemade macaroni and cheese and biscuits.
We had planned roasted broccoli but that was just too many things to get it all done.
So not a veggie to be found!
Bro. Danjou came over and brought me a huge dark chocolate sucker.
We had a minor snafu when Frank accidentally dropped a chicken leg from about 4" above the pan into the oil and it went everywhere!
We were afraid it would run over to the next burner and catch fire so we did some frantic moving of things and cleaning up but all was well.
(except I still have a lot of mess to clean up later...grease all over)
Frank went to sit down after a bit since he really doesn't feel well.
I finished cooking.
The lunch was yummy but I ate too much and every single item was full of gluten so I'll be regretting it all later.
Opened presents: hard drive (yay!) and grapefruit knife from Frank.  
Chicken breast cookbook from Janice and Frank.  
(awesome gift for me but after having just eaten too much fried chicken
it made me sick to look at it. haha)
Nice Card from Austin.
We played 5 Crowns with Bro. Danjou 
I won!
And, no, they didn't let me because of the birthday...fair and square.
Frank left for a Stake Meeting.
The boys and I watched the first episode of Sherlock.
Got a call from my old High School friend Jennifer Miesem Sheffield and had a nice chat with her.
And now I am trying to move all of my pictures to my new hard drive.
I got lots of facebook messages today and texts from friends and family. 
Thanks to all!

I can't believe I'm 47.

Edited January 10--And then I got the flu the next day and didn't get up until now to go to the computer and hit "publish". Not my most fabulous start to a year but still better than 2012.

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  1. I made dinner for the missionaries on Sunday and was intending to make roasted broccoli but without two ovens it just couldn't be done, so also, no vegetables. Sad. Sounds like a pretty good birthday, but sorry about all the sickness and the oil cleanup! Happy Birthday!