Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Upholstery Class Week 3

I ordered my fabric this week so I'll have it soon.
So excited!
I hope I like it long term.
That is the hardest part for me...I'm very fickle and I want to pick something I'll like for awhile.
But I don't want to be boring either.

Here it is:
The bottom fabric is a velvet and will go on the front part of the chair 
(seat, arms and back where you sit)
The top fabric will go on the back outside of the chair.

Ok, now for my progress.

I started by undoing all of the muslin that I put on (and hand sewed) last time.
It was bugging me.
The sewing was just kind of a mess and I want to learn and do it right.

So I removed all of that and put better padding down on the seat while I was at it.
I didn't remember to take any pictures.
But I got it all sewed down
and then tacked around the edges (jus to hold it in place)
and then stapled all around nice and tight.

You have to cut the fabric to fit around the arms and such.
I pulled the piece through to the bottom and attached that as well.

Then cut off the excess material

See that big pile of junk under my chair?
fabric, tools, webbing, burlap, batting
Yeah, I'm THE ONLY ONE with that big pile of junk.
I can't figure out how all the other students are so neat and tidy!
If something is in my way, I chuck it underneath until I need it later or have a chance to put it away.
I guess they are cleaning "as they go".

Ok, back to the upholstering...

That nice crease near the arm is where I hand sewed it down to the burlap below.

The corners by the legs are a little tricky and not quite as tight as they probably should be.
But luckily this all gets covered up with the fabric so hopefully it'll be fine.

Next is the webbing of the arms and wings.
I've only just begun that part.

It is now sitting in the back of my car because I'm going to paint the visible wood pieces
during the next 2 weeks before class again.

I have to miss next week because Carter is having surgery.
My only problem is getting it out of the car!
Not that it's difficult necessarily
(I got it in there after all)
But its just so darn cold outside and I never want to go out and haul it in.

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