Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Ink About It
The store I have worked at for years now
(how many? why don't I know this?)
is closing.

It's a sad thing
and a loss to the paper crafting community

Some people probably don't even realize yet how much they will miss this place
the products, of course
the ease and convenience of having a store like this locally
but most of all
the community of people

that is what I will miss the most.
I have gotten to know a lot of great people in the years I have shopped and worked here.
other employees
the owners
members of my friday night crop group
members of the kit club
customers that I just liked and bonded with

And when Frank got sick
the people that work here and the people that shop here
got together in a big way to support us
I still get people asking about Frank on a regular basis whenever I work
It means a lot to me.

those of us who work at the store
(past and present)
are like a little family

We are interested in each other's lives
We are interested in each other's art
We care about each other

We had occasional get-togethers outside of work
Pickety Place for lunch
Lori's vacation house for dinner
The Yearly Holiday party and card exchange

I'll miss this place

I understand the need to move on however.
Linda and Lori have made this place a huge priority in their lives for ten years now.
They are ready to do something new
and I'm excited for them to be able to do that!
I can only imagine the amount of energy and time it takes to run a business like this.
I picture Linda spending the first week after the closing
just lounging around her house in her pjs.
At least that's what I would want to do!

And, although I didn't work a lot of hours per week
I will also soon find myself with open time that I'm not used to having.

Frank has been telling me for some time to find what I'm excited about and go do it.
I guess this will be my chance.

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