Monday, January 13, 2014

Upholstery Class has begun!

I went to my upholstery class today!

I left over two hours early since I haven't driven there during the morning traffic before.
It was surprisingly smooth
(although I doubt it will always be so wonderful)
and I arrived nice and early.
Good thing I had some reading material!
The view from my window before I left the house.
I love a good sunrise!

I got a sweet parking spot!

I'm excited to do my chair
but I will admit that I had chair envy today
Everyone had such. cool. chairs.

And I'm also wishing I'd brought my chair back home with me to paint it since we have a week off
(Martin Luther King Jr. class)
What was I thinking?
such a waste.

I missed the first week of class last Monday
 so I made sure to get my chair all stripped down so I wouldn't be behind.

Everyone else still had a bit of stripping to do
so the instructor was able to spend a little extra time with me today 
since no one really needed much help
(except me, of course)

I got the seat of my chair almost completely done


I'm seriously considering going back a step or two when we return to class.
The covering of my seat has some issues that are bugging me.

Here are my pictures from today:

Placed burlap over springs.
Made and attached edge roll.
Fill gap with cotton batting.

Another view of the edge roll and batting

Placed foam on back 2/3 of seat (approx)
Batting on front 1/3
Getting ready to sew on the muslin cover

Hand sew muslin cover into the gap between the cotton batting on the front of chair and foam on the back
This is the part that didn't work out that well.
Might redo

I can't believe I didn't take a final picture with the muslin on.

That'll be my first picture next time...
right before I rip it off and start over


  1. Is that an old house? Love the yellow. I can't wait to see your chair! Where do people get cool old chairs? I'm guessing it's easier in Boston than in Gallup.

  2. It is an old house! Its pretty cool inside but kinda rickety haha
    I got my chair at a consignment shop near me and my first chair (the one I couldn't use because it was all broken inside) came from a Savers store (like goodwill... if you don't have them).