Saturday, July 1, 2017

Something to be thankful for: June 2017

June 1: Carter! Because it's his birthday today and because he's a fun, nice, pleasant guy.
June 2: I started back at my volunteer job in the temple today after taking a few months off.  I'm glad to be back and thankful that I can go there each week.
June 3: I'm thankful for garage sales with friends.
June 4: Ryan! Because it's his birthday and because I love him. He's funny and cynical and sweet (yep, I said it are sweet! Especially with kids.  So good with kids) and I miss having him around.
June 5: Thankful that Frank was willing to paint the big wall tonight.
June 6: A good visit to the headache doctor and a fun lunch with Beverly.  Good day.
June 7: I canned some amazing home made bone broth so now,  of course, I feel like a superstar.
June 8: Cousins lunch!  I really love my family and that includes my extended family.  If I could do family stuff every week I would totally do it.  These gals are fun and funny and I love spending time with them.
June 9: Being available to help my dad and spend time with my mom.  It's a good thing.
June 10: We had a fun outing with another couple in the ward...we did frisbee golf followed by ice cream cones at the Purple Turtle. Yay for friends!
June 11: Thankful for a really good Relief Society lesson on marriage.
June 12: Carter and Harley and I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean tonight and it was a fun time together!
June 13: I'm thankful that Frank got the propane cooktop all set up before he went out of town so that I could can all of my latest batch of beef broth without having to do anything but jars. I hate dealing with propane or lugging heavy things. Canning is enough work without all that! ha!
June 14: I'm thankful that I could spend several hours doing NOTHING today.
June 15: I'm thankful for a reliable car so I can drive to Logan without stressing.
June 16: Today is freshman orientation for Carter at Utah State.  I'm thankful he will be within driving distance when he's in college.  I hated sending my other kids across the country.
June 17: Had a fun time at Diane's house celebrating Chantel's birthday and getting to see Daren and family.
June 18: I asked some of the Dads of the kids in my sunday school class to come in and give stories from their lives where they learned about the gospel.  It was so great and a spiritual lesson for me (and hopefully for the kids as well!)
June 19: Carter fixed us one of his favorite snacks from Japan.  I can't remember the name now but it was tasty...a sausage mixture with veggies inside a roll and then steamed.
June 20: I had to talk myself into going to the Relief Society activity tonight but I did it...and it was so much fun! I really enjoyed myself.  I'm sure thankful for the people who put so much time and effort into activities like this.
June 21: Happy Birthday to my dad today!  I'm thankful for him.
June 22: I was able to go over to my parents house and help them with a couple of things.  I fixed the Netflix which had signed out, I got them signed up for automatic payments for their cell phones and I cancelled the old cell service.  I'm so glad I'm close enough to be helpful now!
June 23: I got to spend some time with my old friend Jennifer and also got to see her husband and some of her awesome kids. She is one of my forever friends and I love it when I get to see her!
June 24: I got out of work early ;-)  haha just kidding, sort of. I do love the people I work with but I wasn't disappointed to go home early and enjoy the nice day and get some things done.  I also went on a date to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean with my hubby.
June 25: I love walking to church on a nice day.
June 26: We had dinner with our good friends from Pennsylvania tonight. There were a few of our old friends there and it was such a fun night! The Petersons are headed off to be mission president for the Houston mission (the same mission Frank went to). So proud of them.
June 27: I had an unusually fun day at work! yay! I was also able to give blood.  I'm grateful that I am able to do that when I have seen first hand what a difference it makes!
June 28: Just a totally relaxing day today. Yes, I'm thankful for days like this!
June 29:I got to spend time with my parents today.  We went to lunch at Costco and then mom came over for a movie.  We watched Beauty and the Beast and she loved it.  Then we just enjoyed the lovely back porch for a bit before taking her home.  It was nice.
June 30: I was able to help out a woman in the neighborhood.  She is having lots of trials but when I dropped her back home, she was the one inspiring me! She told me that she loves to serve and to call her anytime.  What an amazing example she is to me!

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