Monday, July 31, 2017

Something to be thankful for: July 2017

July 1- Our first ever Stadium of Fire show.  It was a great show and a fun time.  Amazing fireworks.
July 2- My niece Hannah visited for the weekend with her fiancé Stephen.  It was so fun to have them!
July 3- Frank and I did an amazing amount of yard work today.  It was HOT and exhausting but the yard looks great and we got a lot done.  I'm thankful that we are able to do things like this.  We are healthy and have the ability to work.
July 4- Well, obviously, I'm thankful to live in this free country!  I'm thankful for the patriotism instilled in me by my life as an Air Force brat.
July 5- I'm thankful for our new raspberry bushes and for the fact that Frank will be the one to plant them.
July 6-Today I'm thankful for Cynthia, my hairstylist.  I am once again gray-free, if only temporarily.
July 7-I had another nice day working in the temple. I really enjoy my service there.
July 8-I went to garage sales this morning which is always fun!  I found a table that I don't need but bought anyway.  How can I pass up $10? We also got the freeze dryer up and running again (it's been too hot!) so that's a good thing though it means more time in the kitchen for me.
July 9-I enjoy a relaxing Sunday.
July 10- I've started walking with a few neighborhood girls.  And though I am not exactly changing my ways and losing tons of weight yet, I do enjoy the walks and I'm sure it's good for me!
July 11-We had book club at my house!  I've been resisting being the one to host because my house often has projects going on and is torn apart...I also feel pressure to make a cute/delicious/industrious refreshment.  But I honestly didn't stress about it and it went just fine.
I also enjoyed the book: The Storied Life of AJ Fikry.
July 12-I had to drive to North Salt Lake today and I did so safely.  Lots of traffic but I took the opportunity to enjoy some podcasts as well as some good music.  I actually enjoyed it!
July 13- Wow, I've had a super lazy day.  I woke up at 4 a.m. so I've been tired and not feeling super great and I definitely took advantage.  I did go to lunch with Mom and Dad though so that was fun! My hope is that I can continue to be lazy for the rest of the day, then it will be a perfect day. :-D
July 14- Nothing like some good old family time to make me happy!  We had the "pasta pig out" tonight in preparation for the Larson Cup Triathlon.  All of my mom's living siblings were there and they each told stories about Grandpa Larson.  I felt such a love for my amazing family tonight.
July 15- Larson Cup!  I didn't participate this year, it's been a rough year for me physically, but I went and cheered and loved every minute!
July 16- Frank gave a really great talk about fasting for his High Council assignment.  Carter and I went to hear it and it was great!
July 17- I had my first job interview since I started looking for full time work. I feel like it's hard to show that I can do these jobs (and I know I would do great at ANY of them).  The interview went well but the job sounded awful.  I hope I get other options! ha!  Anyway, I'm thankful the first interview is over and went well!
July 18- Drove safely to Rexburg to be with Frank's sister's family.
July 19- I got to go through the temple with Hannah this morning. Her parents, sister Emily and her fiancé Stephen were all there.  I love being with family and I love being with family in the temple. I got a phone call as I drove home and got a job offer.  So I am starting my new, full-time job in a week or so. Yay and also yikes!
July 20- Today was a relaxing day just puttering around the house getting ready for house guests.  I enjoy a day of just normal housework these days...vacuuming, dusting, changing sheets. My parents brought lunch to me.  What a nice day.
July 21- The family is here and wedding prep is underway!  I'm having fun with Frank's sister and her family here. Helped make my first ever bridal bouquet.
July 22-We got to attend the wedding of Hannah and Stephen today and it was lovely!  Nothing like family together in the temple to make you feel happy.
July 23- fresh raspberry crisp. Yeah baby.
July 24- It's pioneer day here in Utah, a state holiday.  And having not lived here for long I will admit that Frank and I just aren't that into it.  Plus we just aren't really parade people which is one way that this holiday is celebrated (along with fireworks which we are also only so-so about).  But I am grateful for the pioneers, including the pioneers in my own family, who braved many hardships to come to Utah and gain their safety and freedom from oppression.
July 25-I got to visit one of my friends from Seagull today and meet her adorable baby. It was such a nice addition to my day today.
July 26- My last day working at Seagull.  I have enjoyed it there (despite the foot pain it caused) and the people I met while there.
July 27- Had a super fun day in Salt Lake with Mom and Dad. I'm grateful for this time with them!
July 28- Today was my last day volunteering in the temple.  I sure love those people there.
July 29- Woke up with severe vertigo.  I am so grateful for the good medical care I can receive.
July 30- I was able to visit my parents today and Frank and Carter gave my Dad a blessing.  I'm so grateful to live nearby.
July 31- I survived the first day at my new job.  It seems like I will like the coworkers that I met today!

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