Wednesday, July 19, 2017

My life's about to change

As of 2:45 this afternoon, my life has changed big time.
I accepted a full time job.
My first full time job since my late 20's.
I've been a SAHM for many years now and although I've had a variety of part time jobs over the years, being a mom was always my priority.
I'm not gonna lie, being a mom is still my priority, but the kids have all flown the nest.
And so, I'm back in the work force!

Looking for work after years of being a SAHM and working part time jobs is ROUGH.
It really made me feel like crap when I would apply for jobs that I KNOW I can do and then I don't even get a call.
Not even a single peep.
Then when I did get calls, I would find myself interviewing with a 20 year old kid.
It was not very much fun.

I would look at most jobs and think "I could definitely do that job" but I don't know how to prove that I can do that job.  On paper I am not very impressive.

Anyway, someone hired me and I said yes.
And next time I am looking for a job, I will have something at least a little more impressive on my resume.
But hopefully I will love this job and they will love me and I won't be looking for anything anytime soon.

Now I'm trying to come to grips with the idea that I will soon be wearing "business casual" every day and leaving the house by 7:30 a.m.



P.S. Who am I kidding? OF COURSE they will love me.  Ha!


  1. Congrats! And yes, of course they will love you, everyone loves Debbie! Are you gonna tell us what you will be doing?

  2. Yes-clearly they will love you!!!

  3. They will love you! Working stinks but pay checks are awesome. I hope you love it. Congratulations!

    Also, I got fired from a job right after I graduated college and I looked for a job for a year. I had about 100 interviews and never got even one job offer. So I was good enough to get an interview and then everybody hated me. That was a major hit to the ol' self esteem! At least you got hired! 😂

    1. That is awful! I already have no self esteem, that experience would do me in!
      So I guess I'll just be glad I got hired! 😂

  4. I know the feeling. Haha. Whatever they're paying, they're getting the bargain of a lifetime. Go Debbie!

  5. Just "Remember who you are." They will cherish you.