Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A family weekend

My niece (on Frank's side) was married this week.
Yay Hannah!!

And so, in preparation for the event, we had Frank's sister and her whole family staying here with us for several days.
It was awesome!

Frisbee golf-for the guys
eating out a lot
playing games
wedding planning
wedding shopping
making bouquets and boutonnieres
talking and laughing

I love family time.

The wedding was lovely, of course. And my niece was a beautiful bride!
It's fun to see young love.
They have no idea what they are getting into. Ha!

The newlyweds are going on the same honeymoon cruise that Frank and I went on.  So, we gave them some of our wisdom and advice.  For example: bring dramamine.  That's about all I had for them but if it can save them from the honeymoon experience I had, it's worth it. 

I got to spend time with Emily, my other niece and the bride's sister.  She graduated from college this week as well, so it was a big week for that family.  We went out for Brazilian food as a celebration of her achievement.  I really enjoyed spending time with her so much.  She's funny and smart and witty.  We got out of frisbee golf by doing the flowers which we were both happy to do.  It was a hot day!

The bouquet was the handiwork of Emily (bride's sister),  Diana (bride's mom) and myself.

There had to be at least one snafu of course and here it is: The morning of the wedding everyone is rushing around getting ready.  The bride and mom of the bride have already left.  We are making sure everyone is dressed and looking nice and that we have the flowers etc ready to go. We have about 10 minutes before it's time to leave.  I look around and say "Where's Emily?" and her Dad looks surprised and concerned.  I go to her room and open the door...she sits up suddenly from a dead sleep, hair all askew and says "oh crap".  hahahaha (Not that funny at the time for her I'm sure).  Her alarm didn't go off.  So, we sent the boys off and I stayed while Emily got ready.  She was ready within 15 minutes, amazingly, and we were on time to the wedding.

Also, I wore high heels for the first time in years, which is totally worth celebrating and/or taking pictures.

Congratulations to Hannah and Steven!

While the family was here it was loud and messy and there were always dishes on the counter and shoes on the floor.  People were sleeping in every room, including the living room. 

It was awesome. 
They have gone home now and my house is back to being a quiet place.
I sure miss having all the activity of a family around.

We loved this family weekend and we are so glad we got to be a part of it!

*photo creds (for all of the good photos) to Hannah's photographer Joce Johnson Photography the other photos are mine*

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  1. I love weddings, what a great week for you!! She looks beautiful!