Sunday, October 30, 2016

Teenagers are funny

At church I teach Sunday school for the 15-16 year old class.  I haven't been doing it long, so I'm still getting to know the kids.
Last week I decided to try to jazz things up by making them a little craft and having them use it in the lesson.  It was kind of a cheesy thing and a throw back to when they were little...but sometimes teenagers like doing things that are a little less "mature" and just having fun.

I made them each a sign on a stick that said "yes" on one side and "no" on one side and we did an activity where they had to give their opinions using the signs.
These were quickly made and I was even running out of ink in my printer, so they are all weird looking with stripes of color instead of solid red and green.

They weren't overly enthusiastic when I introduced it but they seemed to think my little activity was moderately fun.
Then when we were done, one of them asked if he could keep his sign.
Sure, no problem.
And then, they all wanted to keep them!
It occurred to me that the teacher of their next class that day might not be thrilled as they might possibly use them in that class to be annoying...but I let them each take their little signs.

Later in the afternoon, I got an email from one of the parents.  She said that they were having fun with the little sign that day...that their son would only communicate with them using his little sign. Her husband thought they should make a sign for each of their kids because just think how quiet the house would be! haha

This week it wasn't my turn to teach but as the other teacher began, the boys in class whipped out their little signs!  They had not only kept them but thought to bring them back to class!  So hilarious!

Anytime she asked them a question that could in any way, shape, or form be answered with a yes or no...they held up their signs.

It really cracked me up.  I took one of the signs and snapped a picture of it so that I could write about it today.

Teenagers are funny!  You just never know how they will react to something.  And I guess I was right that they would enjoy something a bit less mature. ha!


  1. That's really cute... Sometimes I'd like a sign for the yes or no questions.

  2. I love that they brought them back! Ha!!!