Friday, October 14, 2016

Another long list of miscellaneous nothings

Frank caught a cold a couple of weeks ago and was really sick.
I avoided him and his coughing and sneezing etc because I did not want to get sick!
I didn't.
Now, two weeks later, I have caught a cold.
I have no idea where I caught it from but it seems like a rip off to have a cold now after I was so diligent and didn't get one when it was right under my own roof.

I bought myself a new little plant for my kitchen window.  I love it so much.  I hope I don't kill it.
(it is unlikely that I won't kill it but its good to have goals, right?)


I got my car fixed and got it back from the body shop today.
I had two separate dents that had to be fixed.
One was from a hit and run in Boston while I was parked at my upholstery class.  I just never got it fixed for some reason. (and I can't find a picture of it, though I'm sure I have one)
The other was mystery damage that I came out to when I was parked at work.

My insurance covered both of them, thank heaven.

You might not be able to see it, but the light was broken too. :-(
Seriously, for a person who has never had a car accident, my car had a lot of dents!
I'm happy to have it fixed and it looks nice again.


I'm on day 8 of ice pick pain in my head.
I have had some hours here and there with relief so that has kept me from going completely insane but it is really getting old.
I have talked to my neurologists office several times and it always seems to take a full day for them to get back to me, which is annoying me to no end.
I know I could resort to the ER but it just seems like I shouldn't have to do that when I have this whole slew of doctors who are supposed to be helping me with my headaches.
I already went to the urgent care which was a total waste.
Plus, the people at the ER never know what this is and end up treating it like a regular migraine, which it isn't.
They drug me up and I sleep for a day and then the pain may or may not return.
This isn't really what I am hoping for.
I want a fix.
I know, I know, every one wants a fix for their problems and not all problems have a fix.

I paid to have someone come and clean all of my windows last week.
It was kind of a lazy move on my part and also a bit extravagant
but it sure has made me happy!
They reached the windows that are too tall for me to reach (the reason I tell myself it was ok to hire someone instead of doing it myself) but they didn't get the basement windows that are seriously dirty because they said my wells were too narrow and they needed more room.

I was bummed but I guess I can get on my hands and knees and do those myself, dangnabit.

I left an honest review for them online mentioning how they only sent one guy (it took him 4 hours to do it all by himself!) and that the window tracks are still totally dirty.
I also mentioned that the windows themselves look great.
Even though its a totally honest review, I feel bad for leaving it since it has some negatives in it.
Why do I feel bad for telling the truth?

Here is one of my sparkling windows!

I should have taken before pictures showing the bird poop and hard water on this window and grandkid handprints on the back window...but decided that would just be embarrassing to show how gross my windows were.


I still haven't really dealt with all of the produce from the garden.
I got the tomatoes all skinned and seeded but now I need to make the actual spaghetti sauce, let it cook down, and then can it.
I'm having a hard time getting motivated.
I don't even like spaghetti that much.
And I already have plenty of salsa.

With all the headaches and whatnot, I have been sitting on Carter's big bean bag chair a lot lately rather than on the couch.
It seems to be easier to find a good position in the bean bag chair.
But his chair is a few years old and has lost a lot of its body so I decided to refill it a bit.
I bought filler from amazon.
I couldn't find a decent deal on the tiny little pellets that fill it now so the filler I bought had slightly bigger pellets (about the size of a pea).
I read some reviews and some tips on how to fill the beanbag chair without making a huge mess
but it was still messy.
Those things are so static filled and stuck to everything including me.
I finally taped the bag to the chair and it worked a bit better, although not perfectly.
I'm so glad I got the bigger pellets because I just can't imagine the mess the little ones would have made!

I am enjoying my nicely filled beanbag chair and I can't tell the difference with the bigger pellets inside.

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  1. Your car and windows look like new! So sorry about your headaches!