Saturday, October 22, 2016

The last two weeks

Hubby has been on an extended business trip so I have had a lot of time to myself lately.

My head chose this two weeks to completely freak out with an ice pick headache that wouldn't go away.  My longest one ever, I think.  12 days long.

There were some reasons that this was a good time for such a freak out:
1-Hubby doesn't have to listen to me whine and cry
2-I can lay around as much as I want with no one to judge me
3-There was no need to cook or clean or put things away or shower get the idea

There were some reasons that this was a bad time for such a freak out:
1-No one to whine and cry to! (ok I did whine on Facebook a bit)
2-No one to cook me dinner or breakfast or get the idea
3-No one to drive me to the doctor or ER

I still did lunch with my parents but I had them come to my house instead of eating out.
I watched a lot of HGTV.
I listened to audio books.
I watched a few really bad chick flicks...I'm glad I didn't subject Frank to them.  So cheesy.
I also yelled at my doctor, her nurse, and the poor girl who just answers the phones.
I texted whiny texts to my poor hard working, jet lagged husband.  He was very supportive although we did go into  "men are from mars" territory a few times where he tried to fix things he couldn't actually fix from halfway across the world.

Some days were better than others so I did go up to Logan a couple of times which was nice.
I visited my friend from MA and her awesome family.
I helped her hang some pictures and organize her kitchen.
I laid on her couch and whined and cried to her.
I got to go wedding dress shopping with her daughter.
I took Ryan up to have an evening to say goodbye to his old MA friends before he moves to Alaska.

In a short period of time all of my kids will have moved to far flung places.  My closest kids will be in Alaska...which is 2,967 miles away according to the internet.
Carter is in Japan. 5,967 miles
And Austin will be visiting/living in Wales for at least the next 6 months. 4,729 miles

Holy Cow, life it is a-changing.

Wedding dress shopping.  Can we talk about that?
So, I have known Jordyn for a long time
and for most of that time, I have told her that since it was so unfair that I had all sons and would never get to go wedding dress shopping, that it was her duty to let me go with her.
I was sort of joking.
But not really.
And then I moved to Utah.
But, in a twist of fate, her family also moved to Utah a bit later.
It was meant to be!  I will go wedding dress shopping!
Not too long ago she told me that she was very serious with someone and expected to be engaged soon.
I didn't want to be pushy but, you know, I hoped I would get invited to dress shop.
Thankfully, she did invite me and, yes, it was wonderful.

It's so amazing when you see a woman in "the dress".
She just looks different.  Her whole demeanor changes because somewhere inside she knows that this is her wedding dress.
It's really awesome.
Jordyn is one of the sweetest people in the world and I love her so much.
She will be a stunning bride.

I met her fiancĂ© and I like him a lot.
They are very cute together.
I hope he knows what a great gal he is getting.
I'm sure he does because how could he not?  She's awesome after all.  It must be obvious.

I'm trying to be more healthy.
For example, I didn't eat chocolate and bread and other snacks in order to dull my emotional or physical  pain this week.
Go me!
Usually I would have eaten my weight in sweets and junk while I watched tv and whined.
I know, I really sound amazing, don't I?

Next goal?  Actually work out.

I have a little present for myself if I follow my workout plan for a month.

I am going to  sign up for an online class (she actually calls it a 30 day practice) called Wear Your Joy.

So if you see me wearing some weird clothes with a big smile on my face, you will know I did it!
Stay tuned.

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  1. I'm so, so so Sorry about your head. I wish there was a magical cure for you. That is so awful. Zoe tells me she's never getting married so I probably won't get to go dress shopping either! Heh. I can't believe how far away your kids are. That is nuts.