Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Yes, I'm blogging about food again.

Sometimes I get all excited about a new recipe or two and I have this blur of activity where I cook a lot for several days.
And then all that cooking makes me feel burned out.
So I stop for who knows how long.
Ok, I usually still cook something but it's not something that takes imagination or time or special ingredients. 
I make waffles and soup and grilled cheese and scrambled eggs.
Not not all at the same time, obviously, this is just my go-to menu.

But today I decided to organize my disaster of a freezer.
And I realized that I seriously need to start cooking some of that food in there!

I have fruit, beef, bacon, chicken, and lots and lots of garden produce that has been painstakingly chopped, vacuum packed and frozen.
I have soup bones for heaven's sake!
I have diced tomatoes and tomato juice and tomato this and tomato that.  Yes, lots of tomatoes.
And all of this food has apparently been painstakingly frozen so that I can stuff it in a freezer and ignore it for a year or two.
Not good.

So, this is my new goal:
Use at least one thing from my freezer each....
see I was going to say each day and couldn't bring myself to do it.  I know I won't.
How about each...week?  
One item a week?
Will that help with my freezer issue?

I'm sure it will be better than what I am doing now which is nothing.

Ok, one freezer item per week will be cooked and used in a dinner dangnabit.

Yes, my life is exhilarating and interesting.


  1. That's what I need, food in my freezer that's ready to be used in a recipe. I'm so sick of grocery shopping. I cook pretty much every day but it would be much easier with your hard work and preparation. 😉

    1. If only we were neighbors (but here in Utah preferably) then I could give you ingredients and you could cook and share with me. :-D