Monday, November 7, 2016


Tomorrow I am working at the polls.  Yep, I'm an election worker.
I start work at 6 a.m. and will get off sometime after the polls close and we clean the place up and take down the voting maybe 8:30 or 9:00?  I actually have no idea how long the cleanup will take.
This all means that I have to get up very early and I have to pack breakfast, lunch and dinner for myself since we don't get to leave the building.
And so, I should be sleeping now.
But instead I'm blogging.
I've been working on a bathroom remodel as anyone who is my friend on Facebook knows.
This is the first time I've gutted and remodeled a bathroom.
We have changed out old linoleum before.  I've put in a new vanity a couple of times.
But this time I tore the whole sucker out.
Removed tile (lots and lots of tile), tore out a big old nasty jacuzzi tub, removed the toilet and vanity.
I'll be repainting and retiling the whole thing.
(Well, I'll be repainting and helping my sister do the tiling because she is awesome and knows how to tile while I am totally afraid of it)

Today my dad stopped by and commented on how I always have so many projects going on...he could see that I have my sewing machine set up as well as the whole bathroom thing going on.
(and I've still got tomatoes that need to be dealt with)

It's true.  I've been sewing this week.  Want to know why?
Because I find it relaxing to sew pretend food for my granddaughters to use in their pretend kitchen.

I was so stressed out last week over this stupid bathroom that I was manically sewing felt food to calm myself down.

I know that being stressed over the bathroom is ridiculous.  I know this.

It's beige.  Beige is the cause of my stress.
My whole house is beige.  Beige is like the worst color (non-color?) in existence in my opinion.
I have beige walls, beige carpeting, beige tile... beige beige beige!
And the trim and doors in my house give the appearance of white up against all this beige but guess what?
The trim and doors in my house are just a lighter shade of beige!

And so I try to imagine putting together a bathroom and I can't figure out how to work around the beige trim.
I also can't imagine painting all the trim and doors in my house just so that I can be rid of the beige but, man oh man, I would love that.

I did finally decide to paint the trim in the bathroom rather that work around the beige.
And the painting hasn't been almost makes me think that I could do the whole house after all.
Until I start looking around at how many doors there really are in my house.
And thinking about the fact that all my ceilings are also beige.  I hate painting ceilings.

My husband has never even noticed the trim in the house and so when I complained about it, he was dumbfounded.  He stared at it for awhile and said,"I never would have noticed that"
It drives me batty and he doesn't even see it.

He knows me though.  And he is assuming that one day I will just start painting it.  Once I realize that something is bugging me, I have a hard time letting it go.
I'm trying to let this one go.  Really I am.  Because not letting it go will mean SO MUCH work for me.

If you needed more proof that I'm a bit nutty, well, now you have it.
But if you know me at all, none of this is news to you.

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  1. Why do people paint ceilings? Ugh! Zoe's ceiling is BLUE. I want to paint it so bad but how do you even paint a ceiling when you're 5'1"? Ugh. My mom did all the trim and doors white when they moved to draper, it was a crazy long process but it was worth it.