Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Alaska! Summer 2016- Post 2

On Branden's day off we decided to go to see the glacier south of Anchorage.
We went on a really pretty hike and it was a fun day together.

We started out with the stroller but soon Isabelle wanted to walk 
and then Kaylee also wanted out (and she was really ticked off about it).
So we ended up carrying Kaylee,  occasionally carrying Isabelle and pushing an empty stroller!

Alaska is just so beautiful!
It really is hard to describe but it's different from anyplace else.

That bluish ice is the glacier.

The hike ended at a beautiful stream...run off from the glacier.

The girls threw rocks into the water and just had a good time being near the water.

There was a lovely cool breeze coming off the glacier.
If I had a lawn chair, I could stay there all day.

 Branden hopped on some rocks and made his way out into the middle of the river to relax...but of course the girls wanted to go out there with him.
So Amber sacrificed her shoes and waded the girls out to sit with him out there.
The water was SO COLD.

It seemed like such a perfect spot for a family picture that  I decided to sacrifice my feet for the cause.
I wore Amber's shoes since they were already wet and waded out to try to get a good family picture.

I stayed out as long as I could, which wasn't very long.
My feet were totally numb in no time.

I can't say that I got a super fantastic shot with everyone looking my way and smiling...but the view is amazing.
and they still look cute even when not everyone is paying attention.

We hiked back to the car so that Frank could get back for an evening event for work.

Another great day!

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