Sunday, July 17, 2016

A few things I noticed

I will post a longer (probably too long) version of our trip to Alaska with lots of pictures but here are a few tidbits from the trip:

-Isabelle is so stinking grown up!  You can pretty much have a conversation about anything with her. She's not always logical, as a three year old, but she can talk about a lot of topics. It was so much fun seeing her little mind work.

Here's an example of a conversation I overheard between her and Amber:
You want to go to the Library?
Yes! The big library?
No, the big library is closed.  We'll have to go to the little library.
Oh.  {thinking} We need to get a key! We need to unlock it!
Get your shoes so we can go.
{getting her shoes} We're going to the big library?
No, the big library is closed.
We need the key! We need to unlock it!
We're going to the little library today.
Yeah, we're going to the little library today.  The big one is locked.

-Isabelle loves rocks.  I knew she liked dinosaurs so I came prepared with dinosaur books, but I had no idea how much this girl loves rocks.  She can play in a pile of rocks forever.  She likes big rocks that she can climb on as well as tiny pebbles that she can pretend with. We went to the zoo.  Her favorite thing?  The rock walkway and the pile of rocks in the parking lot.  We went to a carnival.  Her favorite thing?  Playing in the rocks on the sidewalk afterwards.  Hilarious.

-Kaylee just wants to do what Isabelle does.  She's not as talkative as Isabelle at this point, but she can get her point across and she knows whats going on.  If Isabelle is doing something fun, she wants in too.  She hasn't yet made her own preferences about some things she goes along with liking Dinosaurs and Rocks for now.  She wants to eat at the same table as Isabelle.  If Isabelle has a fork, she needs one too etc. Isabelle copies Amber and then Kaylee copies Isabelle.  It's pretty cute.

-Kaylee took her first steps while we were there!  She was so proud and excited.  She now has a walker to assist her in walking and she can cruise pretty darn fast with it...but it won't be long until she can walk without it I think because she is trying out walking and standing more and more.  You can tell she is sometimes frustrated by her body that doesn't do what she wants it to do, but overall she's a really determined and happy kid.

I had trouble capturing the walking on my camera...she just went too fast.
But here she is after successfully taking 4 steps to Grandpa. So proud and happy!

-The "staying light all the time" thing just never gets old.  We stayed up way late every night because you just don't realize how late it is.  We were so tired the whole time! haha But I never get tired of the light.  Kids are out riding their bikes at 10 PM as if it was noon.  I think the people who live there just give up sleep for the summer.  There is a lovely sunset at about midnight or so but even after the sun goes down, it is never really super dark.

Sunset: 11:45 or so as we drove home

Taken from my hotel room window at about 3 a.m.
You can tell it's night, but there's still a bit of a glow to the sky.

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  1. Very nice! Thank you for sharing! I love that little family so much and am grateful they have you and Frank in their lives.