Friday, July 3, 2015


It's been a crazy week here.
Good but crazy.

And today was the craziest of all.
Let's list the things happening at my house today:

1. I have a horrible cold/sore throat/ear ache. 
I know this isn't an "event" but it sort of affects how well I handle mayhem.

2. A contractor is coming today to begin work we are having done on the basement apartment

3. My in-laws are here visiting.  
They are staying in the "guest" room upstairs.  Ryan usually uses this room.

4. Ryan is sleeping in the family room in the basement.
(right by where the contractor will be working)

5.  Amber and Branden have had to rearrange their whole apartment because of the work being done.
They are sleeping in their living room and a lot of their stuff is in our basement family room.

6.  Today, two nieces and one boyfriend are coming to stay for a couple of days.
Boyfriend will share messy crowded basement family room with Ryan.
Girls will sleep in living room upstairs.

7. My bestest buddy Polly is stopping by to visit since she's in Utah.
She'll only be here a couple of hours to visit...she's coming here since I'm sick...trying to make it easy for me.  She will have her 6 kids, ranging in age from late teen to baby.

8. My sister Danielle is still in town.  
I haven't done much with her because I've been sick.  But today we are going to get together and do something! So she'll be coming over at some point.

9. Tomorrow is the 4th of July and we are invited to a family barbecue.
So today I have to make a salad

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  1. Oh man, I sure hope you're feeling better. That's too much stuff for one day!