Monday, July 27, 2015

Escape Artist

Isabelle can open the doors now.
So she can escape the apartment and come see me whenever she wants 
(if mom forgets to lock the door)
But she can also escape the house, which has been a problem recently.

She has always loved to come and play in the front room of my house...
she hides behind the curtains,
she opens the drawers of the side tables and arranges the coasters all around the room.
She plays with toys on the coffee table.
We have gotten used to this, so when she goes in the front room we don't think much about it.

A week or so ago I was driving home from a doctor appointment
when I saw Isabelle walking along the sidewalk, pushing her stroller...
by herself.
I pulled over, of course, and put her in the car.
She was perfectly happy going on her walk but was happy to see Grandma drive up.
When I got home I told Amber and Branden where I found her.
They were horrified, of course, but Amber said "I asked Carter to watch her while I packed"
So I told Carter what happened...
"I asked Ryan to watch her while I showered"
So I told Ryan what happened...
"Was I supposed to be watching her?"

Oh geez.

Luckily she was safe but Amber now knows that she can't trust any of us!

Yesterday I was in the kitchen and she went in the front room.
A minute or two later (very short amount of time)
I asked Frank to just check on her...
She had opened the front door and gone outside
and then shut the door behind her.
Frank said, "She's outside knocking on the door!"
I have got to remember to lock that deadbolt.

Later she managed to get out through the garage door...
but this time I was right behind her
and I knew the garage doors were shut.
She still wandered around in there and asked if she could go for a ride in Grandma's car.

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