Monday, July 27, 2015

Kaylee's latest skills

Kaylee is changing daily it seems!

I love to see both Kaylee and Isabelle as they grow and change.
You can practically see their little minds working all the time 
and it's so amazing.

She figured out how to open the toy cupboard in my family room.

She was pretty proud of herself and can now pull out all kinds of things for entertainment.
No need to rely on Isabelle sharing...haha

Lately when I go into the apartment
she comes crawling out from wherever she is playing and gives me a big smile.
Sometimes I am just there to bring Isabelle home
or give Amber her mail
and I feel so guilty to for leaving when she seems so happy to see me.

She has also figured out climbing the stairs.

Kaylee isn't walking yet and has some trouble getting up onto her feet still...
but she isn't letting that stop her.
When she climbs the stairs she actually uses her face/head to steady herself before pulling up to the next step.
It looks kind of painful but she makes it work.
And it's so darn cute to see how determined she is!

I am still trying to capture it on video...
Whenever I try, she is distracted by me and doesn't want to go up the stairs anymore.

This morning I was working in the garden and Amber had to help someone carry something out of her apartment
so Isabelle followed her, of course.
And right behind them both was little Kaylee...
I could hear her struggling so I looked down the staircase that leads to the apartment
and there she was climbing the concrete stairs!
Yes, using her face/head!

I went down and saved her from a scratched up noggin
(which she seemed happy about)

She's really a cute and happy girl!

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