Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Larson Cup and family happiness abounds

*all photos taken by Dion Davidson, photographer extraordinaire *

Today was our annual family reunion/triathlon!
Yes, my family has a triathlon every year, just for fun.

I have only participated twice since I lived clear across the country.
But now that I'm in Utah I don't have an excuse for not participating
(except my lack of physical fitness...which my family doesn't consider to be a valid excuse)

So I formed a team with Amber and Branden.
I knew I couldn't do the whole year, though, I will.
I failed to do any preparation.
I went swimming a total of two times in advance.

Then at the last minute, Branden couldn't go.
So I had to swim AND bike.

I did the swim and it was very tiring.
(note to self: prepare a little next year)
And then I did the first lap, of four, of the bike ride...
and called it a day.
As I went up the big hill, my heart rate was so high that I started seeing spots.
I figured that was a bad sign and that I should probably just call it a day.
I finished that lap but that was it for me.

I'm ok with it considering my lack of preparation.

It was a really fun day overall though.

We call the event "The Larson Cup"
but the full name is the "Anthony Larson Cup" because my cousin Anthony ALWAYS wins the event.
So we named it after him and then whoever comes in second to him is the one who wins the prize.
Seems kind of unfair I realize but somehow it works.
He has been undefeated in 12 consecutive years...
until this year.

Here's Anthony afterwards giving out the prizes.

Here are some pictures from today's event:

First, there is an event for kids.
Here is my adorable niece Kate.

Amber and I were a team.
Before the event, we were feeling confident.

Jenna, another cute niece.

My Uncle David (shown here along with some other family members) 
is awesome and always keeps time for everyone

Beth gets out after her swim and Amber cheers her on.

Cute running nephews.

Ryan starting his bike ride 

Here I am (doing the backstroke at that moment) trying to catch up with Dallin.
My cousin, Delos, on my right, started grabbing my leg to hold me back.

This is my cousin James.
He always does the entire event with a backpack full of red vines.
This year it was twizzlers...which are way heavier!
but he still finished.

Me on my bike

the course has one crazy hill...the one that almost killed me.

Here I am cheering people on after I finished.

My cousin Chad came all the way from Texas!

Dallin (my brother David's son) and Anthony were neck and neck!
It was so exciting.
Here Dallin is in front (shirtless) and Anthony is right behind.

Amber doing the run for our team
She's so cute.

Here is our winner this year!
I wish I had a more exciting picture...he had just gone through the winners tape and is looking kid of introspective. haha!

Ryan finishing

James finishes with a mouthful of twizzlers, of course.

Afterwards there is a big family lunch and prizes.

The winner gets his name on this awesome winners belt! haha! I love it.
This year the winners also got cool embroidered towels.

Male and Female winners pose with their belts.
Note that both winners are from the younger generation...
The female winner was Anthony's daughter, Emma!

And the whole crowd after lunch.

My family is awesome.
It was a great day together.

We missed my sister Doneen and her family
(and last years winner, my niece, Jaime)
but they were in California for a very good reason...

Her daughter, Chelsie, got married today!!

Family Happiness.


  1. Great post! Photo cred? :-)

  2. I can't stop laughing that you only did one lap! The one year I did the whole thing I kept thinking "Would anybody know if I only did ONE K instead of five?" I wanted to turn around so badly. In fact...the only person behind me at the end was your mom. Your 75-year-old mom. At least I wasn't last? Right? Thanks for the post! I love that Delos held your leg! What a dork.

    And congratulations Chelsie!