Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's weekend

Hubby and I aren't really the types to get too crazy over a holiday like Valentine's Day.
We usually go out to dinner or something,
but not always.
He buys me chocolate.
I might get him a card.

I did shop for cards this year, but they were all SO DUMB that I couldn't bring myself to buy one.
I ended up finding some chocolate covered strawberries that I gave him.
He's eaten one.
I failed.

This year I decided to make dinner and invite some friends over for games.
So we invited our old friends from PA, the Lauts.

I made stew for dinner.
side note:
I really love stew.
It's my go-to dinner thing.

Frank made biscuits.

I couldn't decide between sugar cookies with hearts on them or lemon bars for dessert...
so I made both.

No pictures of the lemon bars.
Not as cute or Valentiney.

Our wonderful downstairs neighbors brought us a cute homemade card.
(which you can see in the picture with the cookies)

We had a fun time hanging out with the Lauts!
And Albert and Frank even talked about getting together for fishing or something sometime.
Now to get him to go 4-wheeling...

Albert won the card game.
On Sunday morning, Frank and I decided to go for a "hike" in the canyon.
Nature walk is probably more accurate.

It was a gorgeous day.
My crocus are blooming. In February.

My daffodils are coming up. In February.

I was glad to see some snow and ice on the ground when we got to higher elevations.
I have been enjoying the crazy warm weather but it does freak me out a bit.
I know that snow levels are too low, which isn't a good thing. 
Anyway, we walked and talked and just enjoyed the gorgeousness.

We were enjoying ourselves so much that we kind of lost track of time!
We completely forgot that we usually drive Ryan to his church meeting at noon.
Luckily, he got a ride.
And we arrived home at about not a lot of time for getting ready for church, 
which starts at 1:00.

As I rushed into the house towards the shower
I said, over my shoulder to Frank, "You want to scramble me some eggs so I can eat them on a biscuit?"
He laughed at me.

But then, as I was blowdrying my hair, he walked in with this:

He loves me.


  1. Those cookies and that biscuit made my mouth water, separately! Yum!

    1. The biscuits are really amazing. I want some right now as a matter of fact...