Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What a faker

A story about a certain teenage boy.

the school here has a two-day track.
A day classes
B day classes
and they alternate.

It just so happens that one of the days has all of my son's hard classes
and the other day has all of his easy classes.

So we have taken to calling them
Real day
Fake day

"Do you have real classes tomorrow?" I might ask.
"Can I skip school's fake day anyway?" He often asks.

So yesterday he was suffering with a cold.
(Oh my gosh we've had so many sicknesses go through this house!)

His nose was running like a faucet and he was just laying around feeling icky.

I reminded him that he had a doctor appointment the next day and I would need to get him out of school a little early
to which he replied
"Can't you just call me out for the whole day? I'm sick anyway"

I replied,
"Is it real or fake?"

He was completely disgusted and replied
"How could it be fake?  How could I fake this runny nose??"

"No, I mean real or fake school"

"Oh!  Real.  But I'm sick!"

Poor kid.
He stayed home.  Slept till 11:00.

Not fake.

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  1. Hunter (Alice's) does that too! When I was there to have Finn he told Alice "It's fake day, can't I stay home?" Ha!