Monday, February 16, 2015

Grandbaby Bucketlist

We have learned recently that our son, his wife and the two grandbabies
will very likely be moving away this summer.

It's good for them.
They will be moving forward with their lives.

But it means that our time living super close will be coming to an end.

So hubby and I were talking and we decided that we needed a sort of
Grandbaby Bucketlist.

All the things we need to do with them before they leave.

One of the things on my list was to take them to the 
Museum of Natural Curiosity.
taken from Internet

I have heard mixed things about it...but also lots of complaints about huge crowds.
But I figured if we went in the winter on a school day it shouldn't be too bad.

So one day last week we went.

I think it is probably the perfect place for kids from about 1-5 or so.
Older kids could definitely entertain themselves
but this place was just made for toddlers and preschoolers.

and it had enough kids for Isabelle to see that it was fun...
but not so many that it was overwhelming.

Isabelle loved it so much.
We just let her wander and pick out where she wanted to go.

There were several great places but her favorites were:
1-the play area for toddlers
the area is soft, so no one gets hurt when they fall down
It has a small slide and a few interactive games.
taken from internet

2-The water room
Oh my gosh, this is a fun room.
But I can imagine that it would be packed in the summer.
There is all kinds of water running and you can build things with pvc pip
and make fountains and stuff
Isabelle enjoyed filling a watering can and just splashing like crazy.

There was also a cool table with about an inch or two of water and a little fountain in it
and it is inset with seats for babies.

Kaylee loved it so much.

Later Isabelle wanted to try it so we put her in the seat as well...
She loved it too!

At first we just had them with bibs on but then we found that there were plastic aprons and boots available so we switched to that...
they were already pretty wet by that point though.
Luckily, Mom is smart and brought them both a change of clothes!

Isabelle was so cute in her huge apron and boots!

3-the miniature town called Kidopolis
taken from internet

Oh I loved this is every kids dream to have "adult" spaces that you can play in.
Isabelle's favorites were the laundry mat, the dance studio, the vet and the bank.
She loves animals so the vet building was perfect for her.
Lots of stuffed animals that you could give x-rays to or listen to their heart etc.
She mainly just picked them up one by one and loved them.
I didn't get any pictures!  
I was too into it myself.
I felt like a kid again.

It was a fun time for all!


  1. So sad! You moved there so they could have a place to live and now they're leaving!? (Just kidding, I know it's good) but still, sad. I haven't been there yet but I'm hoping to go this summer when we visit!

    1. I read online that, in the summer, the crowds are better if you go in the evening rather than the day.

  2. Did you get to try the trains with cameras on them? That's my favorite part...

    1. They weren't working that day...I was sad!

  3. Are they moving away from Utah? Or just into another house? Love that museum! Wish there was something here where I could take my grandbabies. Take care!!

    1. Most likely moving to Idaho. So not too far away, but not right downstairs!