Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Upholstery Project

I have finished my first upholstery project.
The first one I have done all by  myself.
All. By. Myself.

It was harder than I expected considering I made a point of choosing a simple chair to do.

And now its done
and I can see everything wrong with it.


I look over at the chair next to it that I purchased from a furniture store
and it has flaws too.
So, there you go.

(I'm doing that chair next. Heaven help me and my family)

Remember when I took that upholstery class
and I was the messiest person in the class?
Still a problem.

I was planning to do a whole tutorial thing with pictures
but then it turns out
I am busy thinking of what I'm doing and what to do next
and not thinking about taking a picture.

Here is my only "in process" photo

I'm pretty happy with how my double welt came out though...
and somehow I took a bunch of pictures of this part
because I couldn't find any tutorials about making double welt with only one seam.
And I learned that in my upholstery class.
Yay me!

And I didn't even realize until partway through that I wasn't using the right foot on my machine.
I'm such a dork.

Here's my finished chair


  1. WOW! That is the coolest! What an awesome talent to have. I don't see any problems at all, it looks terrific!

    1. Thanks Emily! I won't let you look too close...

  2. You are so talented! Looks great!

    1. Thanks Janice! I hope you are doing well!