Saturday, January 17, 2015

Happy Birthday to Darryl

My brother Darryl would have been 53 on January 16th.

He loved apple pie and didn't really care for cake,
so he always requested an apple pie for his birthday.

After his death in 1986
we sort of took up this thing where we celebrate his birthday
by eating apple pie on his birthday.

Sometimes it was McDonald's Apple Pie.
Sometimes it was homemade apple pie.
But we tried hard to always have some apple pie of some kind on January 16th.
This year we got to have a big family apple pie get together.
It was awesome.

We enjoyed some great pie
and told some "Darryl stories"
and just enjoyed more family time.

Back in about 2003 my brother Dion made a video about Darryl.
He interviewed each of us and put it all together with home video clips.
It's a really awesome video
and we generally watch this on his birthday too.

Mom, watching the Darryl video.

Happy Birthday Darryl!
You were an awesome brother and good example to me.


  1. I can't imagine losing a sibling but when I think of your mom losing her son it breaks my heart. It must mean so much to her that you celebrate him in this way. Happy Birthday To Darryl.

    1. It is still really sad especially to see my mom watching the video and seeing Darryl as a baby and toddler. Then the footage of him in the hospital...I think the hardest part is watching my mom.