Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy Birthday to me

It's my tradition now
(for 3 years running)
to post what I did on my birthday.

This year the celebration actually took place on January 4th.
I wanted a big family get together now that I'm here with family
I mean, I'm here with the family so I need a big family get together! 
So the only day everyone could come was the 4th.

But since I'm all for having multiple day celebrations it was no problem.

Frank made stew
(Pioneer Woman recipe that I provided for him)
and my favorite made-from-scratch vanilla cake.

I might need to change my "the birthday girl never makes her own cake" rule.
I have become a person who only likes baked goods made from scratch.
And that kind of baking is more difficult.
Frank is also a very messy cook.

Both of the cakes we made
(two were needed for a big family get together after all)
And it was only after I saw the first one fall that I remembered that you have to make changes when you bake at high altitudes.
I have no idea what changes to make, I just know some have to be made.

-but that is a task for another day-

So the family came over at 6 PM for dinner:
Stew (us)
Potato Soup (Diane)
Home made rolls (Doneen)
Grapes (Dad and Mom)
Cake (us)
Cookies (Ryan-Diane's hubby)
Ice Cream (Dion)

We were well fed!

It was total and complete mayhem.
My house is kind of boring for kids.
I don't have toys really anymore
(just a few toddler ones)
so the kids entertained themselves with chasing and hiding and all those things kids do to entertain themselves.
My one poor young teenager niece was bored to tears I think...but she's a good sport.
The adults talked and enjoyed themselves.

Poor bored kids...

They actually put 48 candles on my cake
which made some of the kids nervous...
so much fire!

Then, the men did dishes! Yay!

It was a fun night
and made me grateful, yet again, that I live near my family.

on my actual birthday
I started the day by enjoying my very quiet house.
Carter and Ryan were off to school
and Frank was at work in his office
and I curled up in a chair and just enjoyed the quiet.
It was blissful.

Then I went out to lunch and a movie
with my good friend Annette.

We did some browsing at a cute store at Thanksgiving Point.
Ate soup at Zupas
And saw the movie Annie.
I knew that was a safe choice...no one in my family will be mad I saw that one without them.

Then we had leftover stew and rolls for dinner.
Leftover cake (of course!)
and watched Back to the Future.

Now it is 10:45 PM
and I am once again sitting in a chair enjoying the quiet.

48 is getting up there.
Forty Eight!
I don't like the way that sounds.
I'm beginning to understand why people lie about their age...
and why people get face lifts.

But I feel happy.

Today is the 3rd anniversary of Frank's cancer diagnosis...
and he is still with me.
He feels good.
I really couldn't ask for a better gift.

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  1. I was thinking about Frank's anniversary on your birthday and wondering how he was feeling, so that's good that he feels good. Looks like you got two really great days. People must like you. Happy Birthday!