Saturday, January 24, 2015

Feeling Crafty

All of this upholstery
has put me in a crafty mood!

But I'm waiting for my new, improved staple gun.
(my old one, from Home Depot, has been malfunctioning, which is scary when it happens,
 and also uses really big staples which aren't perfect for upholstery)
I'm excited for the  new tool but it means that
 I can't work on my upholstery project until it arrives.

I did get the old chair all taken apart.


So I started organizing and putting away my sewing/upholstery stuff.

Which led to a couple of projects:

First I made this little needle book.
A girl in my neighborhood made one of these for herself and brought it to a sewing
activity at the church a few weeks ago.
When I asked for a needle, she whipped out this cute "book" full of needles.
What a great idea!
For some reason I have been keeping mine in a ziplock bag...
which you might guess doesn't work that well for sharp objects.

So, I made one for myself.

I know it looks like a fabric swatch folded in half.
that's exactly what it is...
I had ordered several swatches when choosing the fabric for my chair
so I used it for this project.
So perfect.

I just sewed in some "pages" of cotton batting
(felt works great too but I used what I had on hand)

Next I found this cute blog post about a crochet hook organizer

I liked it so much I recreated it almost exactly.  
I even had red polka dot fabric.

I made mine to roll up rather than close like a clutch.

with pockets for crochet hooks, small scissors and yarn needles.


A fun Saturday project.


  1. Cute stuff! I am not crafty but now I want a needle book. Also, where did you get that chair? It's really cute but I wouldn't want to pay a lot for a chair I'm changing, you know?

    1. It's a chair I've had for awhile, Emily. But the last chair I recovered I got from Craigslist for like $20. There's lots of old chairs at goodwill, consignment/thrift stores and also craigslist. Or garage sales. That's where to get something to recover.