Sunday, July 13, 2014


I'm not sure what is going on with me
and, yes, it might be related to moving and stress and what-not
but I am not sleeping lately!

I am getting around 3-4 hours per night.
It doesn't matter when I go to bed.
I wake up 3 or 4 hours later...
and my brain is done.

I feel tired.
But I cannot get back to sleep.

I often lay there for a long time trying.
Sometimes I get up and accomplish something 
(laundry, reading, dishes, computer)
Other times I just get up and pretend it's morning.
I take a shower and blow dry my hair.

Often, after I've showered, I feel sleepy again.
So I lay down (usually with not-quite-dry hair)
and fall asleep for an hour or so.

I wake up looking fabulous!
not really

Tonight, for example,
I went to sleep around 11:30 I think.
I laid down much earlier...10 or so.
I woke up at 2:45.
It is now 4:22 and I have not fallen back to sleep.

I moved some laundry.
Started the dishwasher
downloaded the Utah drivers booklet for Carter
Read the rules for each of the states we are driving through to see if Carter is allowed to help me drive in other states with a driver's permit
(the answer: no)
wandered the house
and laid here trying to think relaxing thoughts.

Usually at some point during the day I will feel so tired that I will lay down.
Sometimes I nap and sometimes I just lay there relaxing.

I can't imagine it will be good to be driving for 8 hours a day on 3 hours of sleep.
So I hope I sleep better this next week!
It's hard to imagine I will sleep very well in various cheap hotels, however.

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  1. I cannot stand insomnia. I go through phases like that occasionally and it is just brutal and it makes me SO grouchy. Right now is one of those times. We have a swamp cooler that is not connected to a thermostat so I just have to turn it on when I get hot. So we turn it off when we go to bed but by 2 am it's stifling in the house and I have to go lay on the couch while the cold air blows on me for a while before I can get back to sleep. I hate it. Also, I cannot drive sleepy. Just let Carter drive and pretend you didn't know the rule. :) And GET SOME SLEEP!