Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Some random information

We are in Utah
and we are *mostly* unpacked
Don't ask me about the basement or the guest room.

We hung the TV over the fireplace
because it's all set up for that already
even though
I hate TVs over the fireplace
huh, no picture of the actual tv...just the process.


Without really thinking about the consequences
I started stripping the wallpaper off the wall of the dining room
Now it looks really terrible
and I'm tired of doing it


Since we arrived, Isabelle has really figured out walking!
It's so cute.

Isabelle has decided we are ok.
Yesterday she actually held her arms out for me to pick her up.
Before that, she would look away or just act like I didn't exist.
It was pretty funny to watch, but not what I wanted in the long run!
It doesn't hurt that I feed her something every time she sees me.

In only a few days time we have trained Isabelle for a little evening ritual.

We put her up on the couch and put the blanket over her legs.
Then we put on a show
It doesn't matter what show, because she's only interested in the idea of it, not the watching.
We might have a snack or we might not.
If we aren't fast enough with the show, she points at the TV so we'll hurry it up.

Then, after a couple of minutes, she feels tired and she points to the stairs...
so I take her down and she goes to bed.

We've only done it for maybe 3 nights.
But she's hooked!

During the day today, she wanted up on the couch.
Once there, she grabbed the blanket and put it over her lap
and then pointed and made a questioning sound at the TV.
It was so cute.
But we'll have to make sure we have some fun activities up here so she doesn't equate our house with lazing on the couch.

Kayley is perfectly happy with me and has been from the day I arrived.
That's the plus of me arriving before she is old enough to be scared of anyone!
I feed her and hold her and talk to her.
She has given me a few smiles in return.
So it's a good deal we have going.
I'll have to get some pictures!
Yikes! None on my phone.
Bad grandma.

Carter and I had a bit of a running joke 
wondering when our neighbors were going to stop by with cookies or brownies.
So, Amber was kind enough to send up a plate of cookies and a card made by herself and Isabelle
(Isabelle was covered in marker by the time they finished it)
They gave us more than 3 cookies...we just ate most of them before I thought to take a picture.

We did have a neighbor stop by today with bread.
So I guess we'll have to stop having a bad attitude about unfriendly neighbors

I really need some neighbor boys to come over and befriend my son.
How do I arrange that?


  1. Oh man that Isabelle is SO CUTE! I love your ritual!

    It's hard to make friends during the summer, I bet once seminary and school starts it'll be easier. At least I hope? does he have any similar age cousins he can hang with until then?

  2. I hope so. Moving is too hard!

  3. Debbie...I'm so glad your here in Utah! Where are you guys living? We've got to get together and catch up on the past 15 years! I love reading your blog and Isabelle is so cute, how fun to have them right downstairs, fun memories your making with them.

    1. We definitely need to get together! Text me! 978-328-4465