Wednesday, July 23, 2014


*ok, apparently the animals in the story I'm about to tell are actually Bison. But it's just not as good if I call them Bison (as you will see) so I'm keeping it as is. I'm sorry if my lack of accuracy bothers anyone*

As we crossed South Dakota
we saw a lot of things referring to buffalo:
names of stores
pictures on signs
big replicas in front of stores
road and towns named after buffalo

But no actual buffalo

It became a joke of sorts.

We saw a couple of big signs talking about Buffalo Bluff
and a real live buffalo herd.
So, of course, I took the exit.

There was some road construction and there was a guy sort of answering questions and directing traffic.

I asked him about Buffalo Bluff
and he said as far as he knew it was an old tourist thing that no one even went to anymore.
"Are there any buffalo on the bluff?"
"I don't think so."

"Is there anything we should definitely see here in South Dakota?"
"Wyoming? Although I'm not sure it's much better than here."

Don't get a job with the tourist department, dude.

So, I got back on the freeway.

and then we came across

Buffalo Gap

and both Carter and I said
There better be some buffalo!

We did see this on the side of the road:

Too far away to be totally sure.
But I think we finally, finally saw some buffalo.

At least that's what we are going to tell ourselves.

And then...
the magic happened.

We went to Wind Caves (just south of Mount Rushmore)
and there they were!
Lots and lots of them!
Blocking the road and staring right at us.

It was awesome.

Our buffalo wishes were fulfilled at last.

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