Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Gym time

Yesterday I forced myself to go to the gym.
I've been meaning to go forever
you know
I have all these good reasons not to:

It's too cold outside
I'm tired at night
I'm sleepy in the morning
I prefer to stay home and eat bread

You know.

But I finally forced myself to go even though I was sorely tempted to go home instead.

What I did there could barely be called a workout.
I felt fat and out of place

The one main reason I went last night in particular is that my gym is starting a 
Biggest Loser
type of group and I wanted to join.
I'm not obese but I have some weight to lose.
But for me its more about motivation and accountability than weight loss.

So after my "workout" I went to the front desk to sign up.
They asked me to scan my membership card, which I did.

The manager then came over and told me that they've been trying to contact me because my credit card did not go through to make my monthly payment.
They didn't have my email and they had the wrong phone number in their system.
It had been so long that they had actually cancelled my membership!
They thought I moved away...

My card had not been charged since 

Holy Moly, I had no idea it had been THAT LONG since I stepped foot in the gym.
And now I remember that when we went on our vacation in September, my credit card was compromised and we had to get a new one.


"Biggest Loser" starts tonight
At 6:30 I'll be working out with a trainer 
(and wanting to puke, no doubt)
I'm going to get a workout plan
and some sort of eating info too.

I already know what I should eat, I just need to accountability to actually do it!

New Goal: Be in the gym enough that they know you exist and don't cancel your membership!

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