Saturday, February 8, 2014

Confession time

Today Frank and I spent some time cleaning out and organizing our storage room.
The house we are renting has a wonderful storage space in the basement.
Part of the storage includes a big cedar closet.

So today I went through the clothes I had in storage.

It was...eyeopening.
Those who know me, know I have a bit of a skirt "problem"
I counted 16 skirts in there.
That doesn't count any dresses in that closet
That doesn't count any skirts or dresses in my normal closet upstairs.

And I still like them all.
So many cute skirts!
Very few tops however.

I'm just drawn to them
but I can never find a top that I like.
So I just get the skirt and think, I'll find a top later.
Apparently later doesn't always happen.
Actually, let's be honest, it almost never happens.

I'm a skirt addict.

1 comment:

  1. I used to be the same way but I'm gravitating more to dresses now. They're more flattering on my horrid body.