Monday, June 26, 2017

We did something crazy

Here is a view of our lovely backyard.
It has lots of trees...5 trees in this small yard and that's after one of them died and we had to cut it down.

Lately Frank has been saying things like
"what do you think, should we cut down the maple tree?"
My usual response is something along the lines of
"If you really want to I guess, but I'd rather cut down the apple tree"

The apple tree is a red delicious apple tree.  Not my favorite.
It's huge and the apples are wormy.
It has some signs of disease and we lost one whole section of the tree last year so I figure it's days are numbered anyway.
We spend untold numbers of hours every year picking up rotten apples or semi-rotten apples off the ground.
It's backbreaking and pointless work.

The maple tree is a huge tree, way bigger than the apple.
It has a few dead branches that concern us but overall it's a pretty tree.
The only real issue with the tree is that it shades the entire back part of the yard where Frank's garden is.

And so, "we" decided to cut them both down.

We had to get professionals because the trees were so big and right by the shed (maple) and the fence (apple)

There were 3 guys and they worked hard for several hours.

The yard now looks...sunny.

That's about all the positive I can say because it looked way better before.
After they cut down the maple I came outside to tell them that I had changed my mind!
Too late of course.

We now have a much clearer view of the neighbors so that's not awesome
but Frank's garden is in full sun.
If the garden survives the shock of suddenly being in full sun, we should have lots of produce this year.

We do have a long term plan.
We will be planting at least two new trees.
One dwarf peach tree and one new maple or sycamore.
The new maple will be in the back corner where Frank's garden is now so that when it grows, it will give us the shady look we like and hide the neighbors somewhat but without shading the garden.
We will move the garden over by the shed, where the old maple used to be.

It's a good plan and will look nice someday...but it will be a long while before the new maple is big like the old one was.
I hope we are still alive to see it.

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