Wednesday, June 14, 2017

House projects revisited

In between coats of paint  on the cabinets
(when it was drying)
I started working on the walls as well.
I removed the big cork board that was on the wall, patched holes and started the cutting in.

I informed Frank that I couldn't finish the painting until he moved the sconce lights by the couch...this is the bad part of having the kitchen, eating area and family all in one connected space.

So, he accepted his fate and began the process of moving the lights.

The lights were originally placed oddly off-center to the room so I either wanted them gone completely (my preference) or moved over to be on either side of the couch.

Frank wanted to keep them for reading light so he was stuck with the project.

It took a few days with all of the repair that had to be done

and then it was time to paint all of the walls!

We have this one huge wall that we weren't sure how to handle.
It is right over the stairway for the basement and the ceilings are high anyway
so all I could imagine was us rigging up some kind of ladder and someone falling to their death.

We ended up using a trim painter on a long pole.

It was not perfect.
But it is done and I'm just going to let it go.
I hope.

I had painted the hallway some time ago but I had some stains seeping through which was super annoying so I took this opportunity to prime over all of the spots on the wall with my super duper primer (the one I used on my cabinets) and then repaint the entire hallway

So, yeah.
That was fun.
But it's nice to have a non-spotted hallway now.

Now the kitchen, the family room, the wall over the stairway and the hallway are all painted.

And the lights are back up.

I ended up using the same lights we had before but I spray painted them, replaced the glass shades with new ones (smaller and not beige), and turned them the other direction.

Much better!

I still have a number of projects in my head to finish up the area but it's totally functional and would probably be considered "done" by most normal people.
As a matter of fact, once we got the lights back up Frank kept saying things like:
"Wow, the house looks great and it's ALL DONE!"
"I'm so happy that we've finished the house!"
"We are all done and never have to do another project in here!"

He's hoping that his enthusiasm will entice me to be done.  
But that's just silly.

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