Thursday, April 13, 2017

Well, that escalated quickly

Last night I decided to start seriously trying to remove the tile from my kitchen backsplash.
It wasn't long before I realized that I was causing serious damage to the drywall behind the tiles.
It didn't matter what method I used for removing the tile, it was making a mess.
I started to feel like maybe I had made a bad decision.
I took a picture and was about to post it onto Facebook with a caption about how I was starting to regret my decision.
My irreversible decision.

Frank came in from outside and I told him about my reservations and concerns.
Of course, it really is too late for reservations or concerns...
I had already gone past the point of no return.
The tile would have to come down.

And so at this point, Frank got involved.
He started out trying to be gentle (like I had done as well)
and ended up using a pry bar and sledge hammer.

He has always said that his specialty is demolition!

The tile is out.
Aaaaand so is the drywall.

By the time we were done this was what we had:

We also found some sketchy wiring,
so that's fun.

I went to bed last night full of regret.

My plan was to "remodel" this kitchen using a couple hundred dollars worth of paint.
It was just a temporary fix until I can save up to really remodel.
I think I just went over budget.

why am I like this?
why do I always have to change everything??

I can go into the nicest house you would ever see and I will find things that I want to change.

I hated the kitchen in my last house and we lived there for 10 years!
I survived.
I never remodeled.
It was ok.
I could still cook food and feed the family in that kitchen.
But, yes, I hated it and complained.

And there are, no doubt, people who would look at this kitchen and think that it is so nice.
They would love it.

It's funny because I consider myself a generally content person...
I don't need fancy vacations or expensive gifts.
But when it comes to my house I am not content.
I alway have a project in my head.
Even when working on one thing I am thinking of the next thing I want to do.

Frank has even said to me that maybe we should just build a house so I can have it the way I like it.
I usually respond with something like "I love this house! I just want to change everything about how it looks"
and that is the truth.

I love the layout
I love the front porch
I love the yard
I love the covered back porch
I love the red brick
So many things to love...
I just want to change everything else for some reason.

So anyway, it's too late to go back and just learn to like the tile.
It's gone now and so we will figure out how to re-drywall and make it look ok again.

and I'm sure I will still paint the cabinets
even though it's kind of scary and they might look worse when I'm done
I mean, they aren't hideous now...just too house is too dark
which is partially caused by the covered porch that I love

This is how I think.
It"s a trial for us all...but mostly for Frank.

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  1. There isn't anything wrong with working on your house. I try to finish one project before I start the next. As for taking tile off drywall without damaging it? Not gonna happen unless it wasn't put up right in the first place. But they would have fallen off long ago. I think if it was cement board, they would maybe come off with no damage. But just keep doing what you do.

    I'm currently taking a long basement family room and cutting it in half, and to make a much needed storage room and a decent looking laundry room. After that, on to the next one.