Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Vacation post: Arizona

A week or so ago I went to Arizona and visited my friends there.
I have been having a bit of stress and also lots and lots of headaches and I just felt like I had to get away...so I told Frank that I was going to Arizona.
Luckily, he was understanding about me wanting to take off and leave him and Carter behind for a week.

I rented a car so that Carter would be able to get to work while I was gone.

I spent approximately 2 days at each of my friends houses plus one afternoon with a friend from Massachusetts.
There are actually other friends in Arizona that I didn't get to see so obviously I'll have to make another trip sometime.

Annette-We have been friends since Pennsylvania so...that's nearly 20 years. She's been a true friend to me through the years and I can always count on her to be there for me.
She lived in Utah when I first moved here and I was so happy to be close to her. When I found out she was moving away, I cried.  But luckily, she has kids up here in Utah so she visits fairly often and so we've seen each other a fair amount.  She always makes time for me when she visits.
We ate wonderful barbecue, we talked and talked, we went to a movie, we commiserated over our daily problems and over her wallpaper problems.
It was great.

Candice-Candice and I met through scrapbooking and have been good friends ever since.
She's one of those people who you can see after being away for months and months and it feels like no time has passed.  Her kids and husband are also great and so much fun to be around.
Her family is so close and loving.
We ate a lot, spent one whole day doing nothing but watching chick flicks (it was fabulous and exactly what I needed), we got pedicures, we went to another movie, we laughed and talked.  Annette joined us there since they live close to one another.  We watched conference together on Saturday morning.
It was a relaxing and fun time.
How is this the only picture I have of Candice?
Oh wait, there's this one:

Ok I slacked on pictures...but I was busy relaxing.

Jennifer-The next stop was Jennifer's house.  Jennifer and I have been friends since 1984 maybe? (correct me if I'm wrong Jennifer)  but anyway, friends since highschool!  Marriages, babies, infertility, trials, fun...we've seen it all together!  We know that we can talk about anything together and that we will stick by each other.
We sat by the pool and talked, we went on a lovely hike, we watched her son play and splash in the pool (and it made me glad I don't have a 6 year old at my age! haha).  We ate takeout while watching trash tv.  It couldn't have been better.  We probably did more than that but now I can't remember.  I had a lot of just relaxation time on this trip and it was exactly what I needed.

I  really appreciated being able to just relax and have no responsibilities or worries.

Merissa-I got to go visit Merissa Doubleday for an afternoon as well.  I've been friends with Merissa and her husband since Massachusetts.  Merissa and I spent many years at girls camp together! Good times.  She now lives in Arizona with her cute boys and hubby.
Derek showed up at lunch time unexpectedly and happily...so I got to see and visit with him for a short time as well.  Among other things, we talked about things that annoy us about the West. ha!
I'm so glad it worked out for us to visit!

I should have taken a picture with her cute kiddos!

The drive there was uneventful, if long.
The drive home...well, I got to drive in hot weather and in a snowstorm so I got it all I guess! Despite the snow and slick roads, I made it home safely.

Here are some gorgeous views I saw while driving:
(I pulled over for some of them but just held up the phone and hoped for the best for others.)
Sorry for the bug splattered windshield pics. ha!

As I drove, I was struck multiple times at the beauty of our world.  I often feel the love of God as I look around at the world.  It feels like a beautiful gift.

I loved my little vacation SO MUCH.  Thanks to my friends for being willing to put me up and entertain me so I could have a get-away!

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