Wednesday, December 21, 2016


I  put new baseboard moulding in the bathroom when I remodeled.  Before I remodeled, there was tile around the edges of the room.
I did not tell Frank at the time that I had plans in my head to replace ALL the moulding in the house to be like the new stuff in the bathroom.  

You know, gradually, as I paint each room.

Afterward the bathroom was finished I casually said, "What would you think about changing all the moulding to match the bathroom?"
He gave me a look that basically said "you are nuts woman".
I just left it there.
Better to give him time...

Tonight as we purchased the boards to do new moulding in the guest room/office I said, "Thanks honey! You're the best!"
Him: "Yeah, you are difficult"
Me: "No, I have vision!"
Him: "True.  Most people wouldn't put themselves through all this hell and expense...only people with 'vision'."

So true.

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  1. But it's so pretty! It'll look great when you're done!