Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Big Reveal

Well, the bathroom is done!

It feels like it has taken over my life but it is now fully functional and finished.
I may still hang some kind of art on the one open wall above the toilet but I don't want to wait for that before taking pictures and pronouncing it done.

Here is the before (not complete pictures of the room and vanity but it's all I have):

My reasons for remodeling:

Jacuzzi tub: too big, ugly, gross, cracked
Tile: ugly, cracked
Vanity: ugly, not much storage
Toilet: awful...clogged all the time.
Fixtures: Gold and chrome combo circa 1980's that were so ugly.  Still functional but made me sad to look at them.
Floor: never felt clean. Ugly tile and stained grout

But the main reason: Because I wanted to.

I used to say "as soon as all the kids move out, I am gutting that bathroom!" whenever I was frustrated with how yucky it was.
Then, they moved out.
So I gutted it.

It wasn't an easy job.
I had to hire a few things out that I originally planned to do myself (or have Frank do) because I sort of forgot that Frank would be one handed for a long time and that I really don't have that many handy-man type skills.
But in the end, it worked out and I'm happy with the finished product. 
It feels clean and happy.

It does make me want to redo other rooms in the house, however.
But I pretty much knew that would be the case so it's no surprise.

Without further ado, I give you the New Bathroom!

The view from the hallway.
New floor tile.

 New tub, tile and toilet.  New moulding along the floor.

The view from the other side.

New vanity, mirror and tile backsplash.

Lots of great storage!

Some of my favorite things:

Cute hooks for towels.
I am a person who loves color and this room, admittedly, has very little color.  So adding these cute hooks that I found in a little boutique (on the clearance rack) feels like it makes the room more "me".

A fabulous linen closet.

I know I have talked about my linen closet issues on previous blogs but I must have nice, organized linens and towels.  Oh, the towels and sheets themselves might not be new and fabulous but they will be organized and neat and look fabulous on the shelf.
I did buy some new towels for this bathroom since all the old ones were pretty raggedy and how could I put raggedy towels up in my new bathroom?
I painted the inside of the linen closet as well as all trim and doors in the bathroom.

Penny tile backsplash.  
I have loved penny tile for a long time and I'm glad to have some in my house.

My sister and I did this tile backsplash and, honestly, we did a better job than the guy I hired to do the bathtub surround.
Live and learn.
I should have been more patient and just waited to do it with my sister.

The niche in the shower.
The old shower (and the shower in my master bath) have these big ceramic soap dishes that extend into the shower.  I like the niche much better!  And it doesn't take away from space in the shower.

The floor.
Ah, no more huge beige tile with stained grout.

So, there you have it!
My big bathroom project is complete.
I have never done a project this big before and I'm really happy with how it looks and the fact that it is done!

Want to see my next project?

This is the room that was Ryan's room and has been my painting room and tool dumping ground for the entire time I've been working on the bathroom.
My next job is to clean this up and get all the tools back where they belong
(my inability to put tools away is one of the things about me that drives Frank batty)
This project doesn't seem as fun somehow.


  1. I love it I love it I love it!!!! I feel you on the tools.not cleaning up those tools is the equivalent of a "drop the mike" move and, in my opinion, just makes you super cool.

  2. Wow! It looks amazing! I'm excited to try it out...

  3. You did a really good job it looks amazing!

  4. I cannot believe what a difference it makes! Gorgeous! I love it so much. I want to redo our master bath soooo bad but I wouldn't even know where to begin. You're amazing!