Monday, December 26, 2016

An Empty Nest Christmas

Christmas 2016 was definitely different for us.

All the kids are in far flung locations and we are left to celebrate on our own.
I will admit I haven't had much Christmas spirit for the last week or so.  I've been stressed out.

We spent Christmas Eve working on our various home projects.  We got a lot done even if it wasn't very festive of us.  We did eventually realize that we should at least have some Christmas music going while we we turned some on and felt better about ourselves after that.

Then we went to my sister's house for Christmas Eve evening which was nice.  I failed to take many pictures but we ate homemade pizza, sugar cookies, and various other treats. My sister, Diane, played some beautiful Christmas music on the piano. We played games and then read some scriptures and talked about Our Savior.  It was a nice evening together.

We made this video to send to Dion who is in the UK for Christmas this year.  We don't sound that amazing but at least we have Christmas cheer.

After we got home Frank and I watched some tv (nothing Christmas related), read scriptures and zonked out.  We didn't even open Christmas pajamas even though I had bought some.  oops. We are going to have to step up the traditions thing as empty's easy to let them go.

Christmas morning we got ready for church and then, since we had a few minutes, we each opened our stockings.  I got Frank some See's candy.  He realized late Christmas eve that he forgot stocking stuffers so he put some bandaids in my stocking during the night.  Perfect timing since I scraped my knuckles really good yesterday pulling out carpet. Of course he got the bandaids from the basement and I already knew they were there but it was a funny moment anyway! haha

Church was lovely with lots of great Christmas music.  I cried.

We opened gifts after church.  Frank got me a ton of stuff for the cold: snow pants, wool socks, a warm hat, and snow shoes.  I complained about hating cold after opening each one of them! haha  I'm an ingrate.  But I guess we will have to brave the cold to go snowshoeing sometime this winter now that we both have snowshoes. I will probably enjoy it but I will dread it up until then.  Frank insists that his gifts make it so that I can enjoy winter but I'd still rather just sit inside the warm house. (I know, that sounds bad but I try to be honest here on my blog).

He also gave me some girly luggage (I've been sad since my cute luggage was ruined and I've had to use our old ugly black suitcase).
What an amazing picture of me!

He bought us each some warm (fuzzy on the inside) shirts or maybe they are jackets...sort of a combo I suppose.  I think I will use it more as a jacket.  He bought himself a large and me an extra large. The man knows me well.  I like comfy, big shirts and jackets.

Frank opening his iPad and wearing the new fuzzy shirt/jacket

I gave Frank new sawhorses, and a new iPad (his broke earlier this year).  I know I gave him more than that but I can't remember what now.

Frank's sister gave us matching plaid shirts.  She knows us (at least me) so well.  It was an awesome present!  If we go to my sister's house later, we will wear them.  But even if we don't...someday soon we will be a matching plaid couple and it will be fantastic.

We also got an original painting from our niece Emily.  We love it so much and it's going to go in our master bedroom once I get the walls painted.  We are having a tropical themed master bedroom.

Then we relaxed on the couch with Christmas music going in the background.

We skyped with everyone eventually.

Austin, Katy and Katy's family
(but didn't think to take a picture. Sorry guys! We loved talking to you!)

The Alaska folks

And finally, Elder Carter Hill

Honestly, not our favorite Christmas.  Next year we probably won't stay home alone because it sucked.
Christmas 2016, we are glad you are over.


  1. Thanks for posting! We tried watching the video but it just gives an error. Any suggestions?
    Love Dion

  2. Man each new stage of life is hard until you learn how to adjust to it. Next Christmas will be better! But I think this one sounded pretty good compared to ours. So. Much. Screaming. And. Crying. I feel like I'm going to strangle Finn before this week is up.

    1. You are so right! I miss having the kids around but I don't miss crying, whining and fighting!

  3. Next Christmas...Hawaiian vacation???? I would think that FRANK would not need someone else to suggest a tropical vacation......

    1. He actually made the same suggestion on Christmas night. haha

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