Sunday, December 4, 2016

Christmas adventures

Yesterday my sister invited us to attend a live nativity nearby with their family.  I got lucky because two of her own kids couldn't go so they invited us in their place.
It was a lovely evening, though cold.  Frank and I got to try out some of our winter gear.  I wore my big snow boots for the first time (probably not the last time since Frank can't shovel snow this year).
I really tend to become even more of a recluse in the winter. I just can't imagine anything that would involve going out in the cold will be worth it!  Can't I just snuggle up on the couch with a book and a blanket while enjoying my Christmas lights?

But since we had told them we would come, we went.  And it was lovely.

As we were leaving, Frank slipped on the ice and went down hard...right on his shoulder.  We were thankful he was wearing his sling or he would have instinctively put out his arm to stop himself and then he would have really injured his shoulder!  As it was, he fell and it hurt but he didn't really feel like it was "injured".  We were holding hands at the time so my hand and elbow got twisted really good as well.  I thought I was pretty hurt for a minute there but the pain subsided and I think it was just a strain or sprain, nothing worse.  What a sight we were all sprawled out on the ground.

After we pulled ourselves together we went to dinner with Doneen's family.
We had a nice time and good conversation and it was just a great night overall.

Frank commented in the car that it was good that we went because look what a nice time we had.  He is right.  I will try to force myself to leave the house a few more times this winter.

We ended the night with some ice to Frank's shoulder, some advil for my arm, a couple of warm blankets and a tv show.

So, I got my couch and blanket and Christmas lights and family time and a little bit of "adventure" all in one night.

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  1. Ouch,I hate stupid ice! Now you know why my parents moved. Although they're back now for ankle replacement surgery. Heh. I hope you both feel better!