Monday, November 28, 2016

Several things I had to do today because my husband has one working arm:

Help put the Christmas tree into the car.
Take the Christmas tree out of the car.
Cut off the bottom of the Christmas tree and drill the hole in the bottom so that it will fit in our stand.
(this is why our tree is completely crooked on the stand)
Carry the tree into the house and put it in said stand
(this is why my house is littered with needles...I sort of carried/dragged it rather than nicely carrying it, which is what would have happened if I'd had help)
Hang the wreath on the high wall by the kitchen
(this is why we now have a ladder in the house and the table is askew. But the wreath looks nice)

Drive us home from the store in a raging snow storm with roads that were pure ice.  
I slid into the curb twice but otherwise got us home safely.  Many others did not.  So many fender benders and stranded cars on our drive home! During the drive Frank was insisting that he could drive if I wanted him to.  I declined even though he was sure he could drive in the ice and snow just as well with one arm.

I am now sitting safely at home with my crooked tree and messy house.  I just ate some home-canned stew for dinner.  All is well.

But, not gonna lie, I miss having a handy, strong, two armed husband.

Especially because the walkway and driveway still have to be shoveled...

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  1. Darn his shoulder! I'm sorry! I hate having to do stuff like that by myself.