Tuesday, March 29, 2016


My adorable little Honda Fit is apparently a death trap.

Well, we do refer to it as a tin can,
and assume that it wouldn't be the best car to have an accident in since it's so small.
So we've never considered it to be the ultimate in driving safety...


this week I got a letter informing me that my car has a safety recall.
The airbag can inflate with too much force, causing it to burst, which in turn causes metal shards to go sailing into the body/face/head of the person in front of it.
Which, as you might imagine, poses the threat of injury and/or death.

The letter informed me that people have already been injured and killed by this flaw.


The letter that informed me of this wonderful news
also told me that the repairs would be available Summer of 2016.


I have a problem with waiting until the summer to fix a problem that might kill me between now and then.

So hubby called the dealer and tomorrow we will pick up our new loaner car.
We don't yet know what kind of car it will be
Hubby is hoping it will not be a Fit.
Driving the Fit apparently injures his feeling of manliness.
It might be the color or the cute little flower on the side or perhaps just the size.
 I'm not sure.

I have never had a car accident (as the driver)
and I certainly don't want to have my first car accident
and die from shrapnel wounds!

So, I say a fond farewell to my little death trap 
until we meet again
when she is all fixed up and safe(ish) again.

Here she is, sitting in my driveway, just waiting to kill me.


  1. Scary!! How do you get a loaner car, just ask? Do you pay for it?

    1. We called the dealership...and it's free! We do have to have insurance etc and I'm sure I'll be paranoid about scratching it. Not sure how any of that works. 😬