Friday, March 18, 2016

Backyard project Part I

The formation of the backyard oasis has begun!

First step: the covered patio

I love my covered patio and spend quite a bit of time out there.
But, for some time now, I have wanted some sort of outdoor couch.
Right now all we have is a table and chairs which works for eating dinner and whatnot but isn't a comfy place to just hang out.

So I've been checking stores on occasion and obsessively checking KSL and Craigslist for the perfect outdoor sectional.

We have this perfect little corner just begging for a sectional.

Last week we found a couple of possibilities on KSL so we went and saw them.
The first one was too small.
The second one was just about perfect so we bought it.
And it was even new, in the box!
(I guess it's last year's model so that's why it's being sold on KSL for 1/3 the price. Yay!)

We were so excited to get it set up that, even though it was getting dark, we started getting it all unpacked and trying to set it up.

The catch is that we have a window well right in the way that we had to deal with.
I put an arrow in the picture to show exactly where the window well is...

Frank actually built a platform out of plywood that the couch sits on that makes it perfectly straight and sturdy.
He had to climb into the gross, buggy, spiderwebby window well to do it.
What a guy!

Having a platform with a couch on top of it right on top of the window well does mar the view from the basement window but I can fix that with drapes.
I'd much prefer the couch!

It was too chilly to enjoy the new set up after we got done but we sat on it for a bit anyway.

I just have to make some colorful covers for the pillows and it will be a cute and comfy little area outside.

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